Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nothing finished in August!

Hi everyone,
Here we are at the end of August already.
I don't think I've finished so much as one thing this month but luckily I do have pictures of some things I made a while ago that have not yet been seen on the blog.
First up is a needlebook, zippered pouch and pincushion
The cross stitch design I used is LHN Wool Needlebook and Fob but I did my own thing with it. I couldn't face stitching the design a second time over one so I didn't do the fob.
This is the inside of the needlebook.

Now onto the bags............I made this bag last month for the July project on Chookyblue's SAL

the fabrics I used are Petite Ecole by French General for Moda

one of the fabrics was an alphabet sampler panel so I used that on the inside pocket

The stitchery design is Sing by Kathy Schmitz

When my friend Angela came to stay in July a mutual friend of ours sent us a charm pack to use and share in one of our crafting sessions. We meticulously shared out the charms and found we had just enough to be able to make this bag.

Actually, we were each two charms short to be able to make the bag so we hit upon the idea of stamping a design onto some linen and made that a feature in the centre.

Fabric is Dogwood Trail by Moda. Here's how the other side looks

The last bit of sewing is this zippered pouch.

I made the pouch for Stephanie, the designer behind Loft Creations, because she loves giraffes. I also cross stitched the logo from her business card and made a little pillow out of it as I thought she might get a kick out of it.

here's the back

The only other things I have to show you are of the woolly variety. I finished a crochet cushion using scraps of yarn from my ripple blanket finished last year.

I did an envelope style back using the tutorial on this blog

and finally a pair of socks. Yes, I really did take a pair of socks out into the park for a photo shoot and just thanked my lucky stars there was no-one around to see me :)

Anyone interested in pattern details for either the socks or pillow can find them here on my Ravelry page

So that's all for now. My husband was in hospital for nine days and with one thing and another I just seem to have lost my crafting mojo but hopefully I will find it again and be able to have something to show you next time.
As always a big thank you for your continued visits and your lovely comments.
Oh, and I almost forgot that a new reader, Jennifer, had asked me about the pattern used on the mermaid set in my previous post.
I couldn't reply to you Jennifer as you are noreply but I hope you are reading this. The pattern is by Patricks Woods.



Vickie said...

Oh Margaret! I am sorry for DH. I have prayed for him.
Wouldn't know you haven't been crafting! Lovely colors!


Hello Margaret. I think you should be called "The Bag Lady" you create so many wonderful and beautiful Bags. I think the stamped center of the wee birdie actually made this bag even more special..

Your crochet pillow is truly beautiful too My Dear Friend.

Hugs Judy

Mouse said...

sorry to hear about your DH .... hope you find your mojo soon as your projects you have done are wonderful :) gorgeous bags and love the socks :) love mouse xxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your poor Hb, hopefully he's feeling much better now!!
Well you certainly have plenty to show for no August finishes Margaret!
I love your socks, such a pretty pattern and a gorgeous colour. Your stitching as always is beautiful and what a fabulous crochet cushion.
V xxx

Caz said...

Mmmmm,, socks,,, one thing I have yet to try. Love the bags!!

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about DH, hope he is on the mend. Never mind about no finishes in August, I think there is enough in the post to suffice. Beautiful finishes, love the bags. Hope the mojo comes back, I think we all go through it at some time or another.

Jennifer M. said...

Beautiful projects! I love them all! I see you are a stitchy lady of all sorts like me. I don't discriminate between floss and yarn. LOL

The bags are perfect. I just love them too.

I hope hubby gets better. Sending healing thoughts your way. I'm sure your crafting mojo will return full force. Take one day at a time.

sigisart said...

Dear Margaret,
I hope with your husband is everything o.k.?
Allthe things you work are so nice and full of love, I always look with a lot of joy on your blog!
Many hugs from germany

Pumpkin said...

I'm very sorry to hear that your DH was in hospital. I hope it wasn't anything serious and that everything is okay.

Your finishes are just brilliant! Love the needlebook. The fabric was just made for this :)

I'm absolutely in love with your Dogwood Trail bag!!!! Just gorgeous!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I hope the mister is back to his old self! Where to start -- you have the most creative hands. Gorgeous green on the socks and the sheep sewing set is adorable. I think you make the prettiest bags and I love the pocket from the panel. The pincushion is next to my machine so I can see it every day. I carry the zippy pouch each day in my bag. It's heading to California with me as well. :o)

cucki said...

oh dear..ia m praying for your Dh.i hope he feel better soon.
you create such beautiful things that i cant imagine in my little life.
sending you love and blessings x

Cindy said...

I hope your husband is doing well. Your projects are inspiring as usual:) I love how you incorporate needlework into sewing projects. I want to do more of that. Thanks for sharing!

Daffycat said...

I do hope your husband is feeling much better now, Margaret - how scary! Love the needle book set most of all. That green sheeplike fabric is perfect!

Daffycat said...

"Sheepie" stupid autocorrect.

Barb said...

All your projects have turned out so pretty!!

Christine M said...

So many beautiful projects, Margaret. Hope your husband recovers quickly.

Margaret said...

Oh I hope your DH is back to normal now! Poor both of you. When I'm stressed out, I find it hard to stitch or sew. I love seeing everything you've made. Beautiful! As always. I love how you and Angela were so clever with the charm packs for the bags. The Stamp idea was perfect! I adore that hexagon bag -- love hexies!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous! Everything is so beautiful, I especially love that needlebook! You know how I really love your sewing ha ha!

Hope your DH is better now!

Big hugs to you!

hazel c UK said...

Another wonderful post margaret do hope bob is doing well. Love everything you have done in August especially those lovely socks will keep you warm this winter which I hope is a long way of I love the summer months. Your little pillow for your friend at loft creations is so unique and will be well loved I am sure.

Take care,
Hazel c uk

Michelle said...

Oh Margaret the bags are beautiful you are so talented. Hope your mojo comes back soon with a vengeance. Sorry to hear about your DH - sending you much love xx

Manuela said...

All things are very beautiful.

Greetings, Manuela

Chookyblue...... said...

as usual gorgeous sewing projects........

Grit said...

All of theme looks so fantastic. I love your stitching and in combination in your bag, it is fantastic.

Nancy said...

Beautiful and creative as always Margaret! I hope Bob will be on the mend soon.

Roberta said...

Hi Margaret, I am finally back in blogland and have caught up with your wonderful creations. Just love the sheepie pieces you made, I just love anything 'sheep'.

Glad to know DH is doing better.

also love the sampler bag from a few posts ago. and I know you had such a wonderful time with Angela.

Anne said...

Lots to ooh and aw over! Love that bag with the Moda fabrics and very inventive with the stamping of linen. You needle book is perfect! Great crocheted pillow too and thanks for the link! I will have to give that a try one day! I hope your husband is okay. Sending you hugs and prayers!

Lynn B said...

All your stitching looks gorgeous as always!

Carol-Ann said...

Just love your French General bag and the needle-case set is very pretty and so useful!

Giovanna said...

Those are all lovely finishes, well done. Sorry to read about your husband, I hope everything's ok now.

Katrina said...

Everything looks wonderful Margaret, as always :) I hope your DH is much better now.

gloria said...

beautiful bags with a lovely choice of fabrics !!hugs, Gloria

Karoline said...

Sorry to hear about your DH, I hope he's doing OK now

All your finishes are gorgeous as always

Brigitte said...

Oh Margaret, again I'm in awe of your new bags, they are so beautifully made. But at least I can't be sorry of myself any longer for not having the time to make some bags myself. No, now that I'm retired I'll be able to sew bags. And the first two must be made before the end of September because I want to take them with me and give to my daughter when we visit her.

Very lovely stitchy and wooly finishes, too.

So sorry to hear about Bob, I hope he feels better and is on the mend. When he feels fine again your crafting mojo will certainly come back.

Lili said...

So many beautiful works! :)
Hope your husband is better now.
Hugs x

Tatkis said...

Wow, you've been so busy and creative! I love the sheep set you've made for Yvonne, and beautiful bags, and socks are so cute!


Anonymous said...

Hope your husband is fully recovered and you are no longer worrying.
The pair of you were very clever with the bags !

Penny said...

Sorry to hear your husband was in the hospital - hope he is okay! Sounds like a stressful time and I can understand not feeling up to doing much. You sure have made some lovely things! I love the colors in your crochet cushion and ripple blanket!

Kay said...

Such a list of lovely work. Congrats for getting it all done. Hope your husband is better now.