Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tally for October.

Hi everyone, It's hard to believe it is almost November! October was another productive month so I'll get straight on with the pictures. First up is my first ever box finish. This is the Prairie House Sewing Case from the Blackbird Designs book A Stitcher's Journey.
I had been dreading finishing the box and I put it off for months but it was nowhere near as bad as I imagined. I finished the inside of the box with fabric from the Blackbird Designs Harvest Home line. I thought the inside of the lid looked a bit bare so I finished that off with fabric in the same way.
I also stitched one of the pincushions from the book. This is the Oh, My Stars Pinkeep on page 33 of the book.
Friend Caz came from UK to stay with us and surprised me with this lovely bag she had made for me. The bag is actually made from three Sainsbury's tea towels. The fabric feels like the Cath Kidston cotton duck fabric and of course the fabric design itself is very CK although it isn't. Pockets inside are in the blue and white dot fabric. I love this bag!
While Caz and I were out "on location" taking pictures of the bag we also took pictures of another pair of fingerless mitts and a shawl I had knitted. The mitts look very strange off so I had to get a picture wearing them. Caz suggested I hug a tree. Hmmmmmm, I was hugging more than a tree as there were some giant ants and other creepy crawlies on the bark.
It was very difficult to get a decent picture of the shawl I knitted
If anyone is interested in the pattern/yarn details you can find them on my Ravelry page While still on the subject of yarn I thought some of you that knit might like this picture of the yarn stall at a local market.
The only other thing I have left to show this time is the Little Red Schoolhouse Quilt which I finally got round to hand quilting and binding. This design is from the book Prairie Children and their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy.
I did have a zippered pouch to show as well but the batteries have died in my camera so that will have to wait til next time. Meanwhile I will leave you with a couple of pictures taken while out and about recently.
As ever a big thank you to friends old and new for taking the time to visit my blog. Margaret