Sunday, March 1, 2009

A long post!

It's a while since I've posted anything but I'm so excited to be showing you what has been keeping me busy over the past few weeks.
A couple of years ago Christine gifted me a piece of gorgeous Laurel Burch Ocean Song fabric. I'd looked at the fabric many times and wondered what I might do with it. I knew I wanted it to be something special but what............
When I made my first dilly bag last year it occurred to me that this would be the perfect pattern to showcase these gorgeous mermaids and so the idea was born.
Ocean Song is an old fabric line and the mermaids are like gold dust to find now but it's still possible to find some of the other fabrics in the range. I bought enough to be able to make two bags as I knew friend Sheila, another mermaid fan, would love one of these bags as much as I did.
I felt these mermaids deserved to be photographed where they would feel right at home so I took the bags to a beach where there are some nice rocks for the photo shoot :) Be sure to click on the pictures for a better view

When Sheila came over to see how her bag was coming along she blew me away when she presented me with this gorgeous Laurel Burch Ocean Song mug!

Now I know for a fact I'll never be able to bring myself to drink out of this mug for fear of dropping it on the hard tile floor we have throughout the house but it will be displayed somewhere safe that I can enjoy looking at it every day.

On to other things... a friend who loves owls had a birthday so I made a matching pincushion and fob for her. The design is one by the Prairie Schooler from the Autumn Leaves book. This is the front view

and here is the back

another small gift I've been working on is a sewing pocket, pincushion and fob.
The pocket and pincushion are from a pattern by Calico Farm and I added the fob by taking a small element of the stitchery design.
Fabrics used are Kona Cotton Natural and the print is Blackbird Designs Madeira

Here's a view of the inside of the sewing pocket

Since there is not a lot of cross stitch content in this post here's my finished Return to the Sea which is a lovely design by The Sampler Girl
I used the recommended threads and a piece of unknown linen from my stash

Another small finish is Stacy Nash Hanging Bluebird Pinkeep. Again this is the recommended threads and unknown linen. This was my first attempt at ageing fabric with walnut ink crystals and I was quite pleased at how it turned out.

Finally, just for fun, here is a picture of the local merceria where I am lucky enough to be able to go to buy trims, buttons etc. The man and wife team that run it know me well and are always delighted to see what I've been making with the things I buy from them. You definitely need to click on this picture! I can take orders LOL.

and since we've already done the nice beach pictures here's a sight you don't see every day in UK which is where I'm from. These goats live about a mile away from us and every day they go out for a walkies. I love to see them out and about even though they do hold up the traffic at times!

Wow! what a long post. Are you still with me? I hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Thank you for visiting my blog and, as always, thank you for your lovely comments.