Friday, August 13, 2010

A Mixed Bag

Hi everyone,
I know it's been too long since my last post and my excuse this time is that it's been way too hot.
Today it is cloudy and overcast with a bit of a breeze - a welcome break from the punishing heat of the last few weeks.
I seem to have a lot of finishes to share with you but it's something of a mixed bag.
I think the pictures should be clickable for a close up view if you want to see something in more detail.

First up are a couple of Tilda projects.......... I enjoyed making this rabbit very much

Then there is this cat that looks as though it has an extreme case of measles!

Can you imagine how silly I felt furtively taking these stuffed toys out of my bag to take pictures while there were people around! What I have to do in the name of blogging!

Still with the sewing projects I finally got around to making the bag that came as a kit with the Kath Cidston book Sew. Friend Sheila came for the day and we both enjoyed making our bags.
The bag in the book wasn't lined but I can't stand floppy bags so we lined the bags and they are nice and sturdy.

Now for the cross stitch finishes. There are quite a few but I haven't stitched them all since my last post. Some of them have been hanging around a long time just waiting for me to be in the mood to do the finishing on them.
This is Blackbird Designs Bird in Hand stitched on 40c linen by Sassy's Fabrics in Tan Marble using the recommended Weeks Dye Works thread.

On the back I stitched a few random motifs and added some buttons

There can't be many fans of Blackbird Designs that haven't stitched the free design on the Blackbird Designs One Stitch at a Time blog. I finally got around to stitching mine which is stitched on 36ct evenweave with one strand GAST.

Still in the mood for Eiffel Tower designs I stitched this tiny design and finished it as a pillow with some pretty toile fabric that friend Angela sent me one time.
The design is free on a French blog but I can't remember where. Perhaps if someone knows they can add the link to their comment.

I love this fabric!

This is Strawberry Needle Roll by The Sweetheart Tree. I enjoyed stitching this as a SAL with Sandra who doesn't have a blog but has a Picasa album full of gorgeous things. If you don't already know her work then you need to go check it out.

Here's a pinkeep I made using LHN Berries design

I'm sure this backing fabric came from Angela also. It's a perfect match.Thanks Angela :)

Now I want to introduce Dinah

can you believe that I found her dumped beside the trash bins at the side of the road? I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the rather tatty carrying case and found this little beauty inside. I knew she wouldn't be in working order and sure enough she wasn't but she went in for a service and came back purring like a kitten.
She is such a great little workhorse who will happily sew over denim and the thick bag handles that would have my modern machine throw a temper tantrum and go on strike.
I've since purchased a walking foot and a few other attachments for Dinah and I also stitched her something to show my appreciation for all that she does for me :)

This is another freebie design on this French blog

I took part of the design and stitched it again on the back adding a hanger and a few buttons

and I have to say Dinah loves her new accessory very much!

and is happy to model both front and back views for you

Well, I think that's it for this time but before I go a question...........
I usually post about once a month just showing everything I'd done between one post and another.
This usually leads to a longish post so I've been wondering should I just do a quick post as and when I finish something. I'd be interested to know what you think.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and for your lovely comments. I try to answer any questions I get in the comments but it's only possible if you are not set to noreply.
Have a great day!