Friday, January 31, 2014

A trio of pouches

Hi everyone,

I'm scrambling to get a blog post in for January having left it til the last minute as usual. I'm not sure where the month went but time is flying too fast for me.

I've been in the mood for knitting just lately and I wanted to make a couple of pouches for small projects such as sock knitting.
In the end I managed to get three out of my chosen fabrics and here they are

I think my favourite of the three is the small size. I used the Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial found here I really love this pattern and see many more in my future.
The pictures should be clickable for a better view if you wish.

The drawstring pouch was loosely based on this tutorial and the large zippered pouch was made using a paid for pattern from the Oh Frannson blog

So what is in the bag? Some sock knitting of course! I made the mistake of giving my husband a pair of hand knitted socks and now he has decided that those are the only kind he wants to wear any more so these will be for him.

Next are some Christmas ornaments that I gave as gifts and couldn't show before Christmas

This is LHN Six Little Cardinals

I found the perfect backing fabric

This ornament was stitched using a lovely little free stitchery design by Gail Pan

back view

I received this pretty ornament from my lovely friend Yvonne in Australia

and two "snowy" finishes with apologies to those of you currently freezing in the USA
The first I stitched so many years ago I can no longer remember much about it other than it is a Lizzie Kate Flip it - possibly the first series?

friend Angela was kind enough to send me the perfect snowman print backing fabric

also used on this LHN piece It's Snow Cold

I think the only other things I have to show this time are to do with spinning. I'm still very much the beginner but I know there are at least two of you that are interested to see my beginner efforts

This fibre is Aquarious from the World of Wool Constellation range and a couple of books I got for Christmas

I spun it on my very basic drop spindle and achieved about 410 yds of what I think might be a lightweight DK yarn

So far I hadn't attempted to knit any of the yarn I've spun but I knitted the Age of Brass and Steam shawlette from the yarn I showed in a previous post just to see how it came out.

I know there are many of you that, like me, love to do a variety of needlecrafts so I just wanted to link to Make it Coats a new to me website that I've been enjoying. My link is to the UK website but I notice you can click on the flag to bring up the American site as well.

Finally welcome to the new followers that have joined via Bloglovin and Google. I'm glad you found your way here.
Thanks to everyone who continues to visit my blog even though I'm not a frequent poster. I have, however, posted twice today. Now that is a first!


The Travelling Pattern - will you be the next stitcher?

Hi everyone,

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Andrea to stitch on the "Count Your Blessings travelling pattern.
This pattern originated with Daffy Cat in Feb. 2011 and here we are three years later with me on the list as the 36th person to stitch it.
If you would like to be the next stitcher please leave a comment on this post only.
You do need to have an active blog and be known in the blogging community as a reliable exchanger.

So this is the pattern

and here is my stitched piece which is stitched on 40 ct unknown linen using a variety of threads of my own choosing.
I haven't decided yet how to finish the piece but you'll be sure to see it when I do.

I'll leave this open for one week only. It's a small design and a quick stitch

Happy stitching!