Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2008 will be a wonderful year for all of you.
It's been a while and now I have a lot to share. There are gifts I made and gifts received.......there are so many, where do I start? I think I'll spread the pictures over the next few days.
I'm starting with the gorgeous gifts I received from Nancy. Just look at the beautiful combined Christmas/birthday gift I received from her.
A fabulous sewing case with a Redwork mermaid! I don't know if you can see but the mermaid is embellished with some tiny red beads and sparkly red thread. Isn't the big pearl button closure a neat touch? It looks as though the mermaid just lifted it out of an oyster shell!
The bag is lined with reproduction fabric with a lovely lace trim.
Inside the sewing case are several different skeins of red threads and four packets of Mill Hill beads. I am going to have such a great time embellishing my future Redwork projects!
Also in the package was a very unusual pinkeep. The front of the pinkeep has a gorgeous lace trim and the back has buttons all from Nancy's collection of vintage treasures. Wow! I just love this pinkeep.
Now if all of that wasn't enough there was also a very special pair of red embroidery scissors. My scissors are really old and beaten up so these new scissors just couldn't have pleased me more.
Finally, there was a box of Lindt chocolates - Santa and his reindeers but I can't show you those because they disappeared pretty fast!
Nancy I just can't thank you enough for your wonderful friendship and for all of these lovely gifts.
So what did I send to Nancy? Well, I made her an ORT bag (old ragged thread) for all those annoying bits of thread we leave lying around when we are sewing. I did some Redwork embroidery on the pincushion part taken from a pattern by Cinderberry Stitches.
I used Civil War fabrics as know that Nancy is quite fond of them.
I also stitched a pinkeep using an Au Fil des Reves design.
I hope you enjoy the pictures (don't forget you can click on them for a better view)
and that you will come back soon to see the rest of what I have to share.


Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Beautiful gifts both sent and received.

XXXdomy said...

Happy New Year 2008 !
Beautiful work from you and Nancy Congratulations !!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Margaret, I was wondering when we'd hear from you. What lovely gifts you received. Did you enjoy your time back home with the family?

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely!!!!

Misty said...

Happy New Year!

You both made such lovely gifts for one another! I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

Best wishes.

Nancy said...

Welcome home Margaret!

I am so glad you are enjoying your gifts! I had such fun making them for you, and it was nice to get back into embroidery for a change.

I love the gifts you made for me and look at them often. The pinkeep is definitely one of my favorites! I love the design and the sheer blue bow!

Sweet P said...

What gorgeous gifts you received. I really like the sewing keeper.

diane said...

Wow, what a treasure trove! The mermaid is beyond words and I know how you feel about her! What a precious gift, all around! I love your ort bag, it is too cool. I can't wait to see more!

Char said...

Hi...I was hopeing you would have some new posts on your blog and what wonderful Redwork you do!! You might get me into this too....I guess I need another hobby.......But welcome home...


Christine said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Beautiful job Nancy. Nothing could be more Margaret than a mermaid :-) You must be over he moon to receive such a beautiful gift Margaret.

Love the pinkeep too! How unique and interesting to use lace and buttons. Of course the other pinkeep is wonderful too. It's Nancy and Margaret having tea! I hope one day you two can enjoy havng tea together for real.

Beautiful job on the ORT bag Margaret. I'm sure Nancy adores it.

Pat said...

Margaret, It is good to see you back. I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family. You do such beautiful work.The gifts that you made were lovely and those that you received were very nice also. I love the pincushion that you did in the previous post. I believe It was a Blackbird Designs by Needle and Thread. It is so cute. Is this a new pattern or an older one? Great to have you back.


Sue said...

That is a beautiful gift you received from your friend. Just stunning!!

Happy 2008 ;)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah, Margaret, you're back ! I'm so happy. Wonderful gifts and works, dear !
I didn't forget you (how could I ?) and a nice envelope is ready on my table. I just didn't know when you intended to be back. Now that you are : STAY THERE ! (lol) and check your mailbox in a week or so :>)

A biiiig (((HUG))) and a huuuuge smile to you, dear !

Sachiko said...

Happy new year,Margaret!
So gorgeous gifts!!Wonderful friends!!Pinkeep is so lovly!!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, Margaret, what beautiful gifts Nancy sent you! Her work is amazing and that pearl is just the perfect touch than only Nancy could think of! And the runner and banner from Christine are so pretty. And the ort bag is just adorable. I love all the red!

Chookyblue...... said...

you are very lucky lovely presents

Christine said...

Love all your gifts - the red reproduction fabrics you and Nancy both used are some of my favourites.