Saturday, January 12, 2008

A tale of two aprons.

I love aprons! Somehow just wearing one makes me feel like the virtuous little housewife I'm not.
I recently took part in an exchange on Rhonda Jean's blog and enjoyed making an apron for my partner.
Sadly, I never did hear from my partner if she liked the apron I made and I didn't receive one from her either.
Here's a picture of the apron I made and a close up of the little stitchery label I did inside.
I used Thimbleberries prints for both the main and contrast fabrics.

On a happier note my lovely friend Christie in Kentucky sent me the most gorgeous apron "just because" along with lots of other little goodies.
As well as the apron was a FQ of Hoffman fabric specially designed for the Heart of Kentucky shop hop in Oct.07 The fabric is in gorgeous shades of aqua printed with horses and Christie had also hand painted the most adorable little wooden horse that just makes me smile.
Other goodies were a keepsake needle card, a tin of quilting girl mints, envelope seals, two skeins of variegated thread from Puerto Rico, and a gorgeous scented candle that made everything smell of red velvet cake mmmmmm

Christie personalised the inside of the apron with a lovely message (if you want to read it click the picture for a better view) and the front of the apron is all stitched with decorative machine stitches around all the edges and the contrasting pocket.
It's absolutely my favourite apron and makes me feel capable of any culinary masterpiece while wearing it! Thank you so much Christie for being such a lovely friend.


Sally said...

Lovely aprons Margaret. I always forget to wear one when I'm cooking!

Anonymous said...

Now what a shame about the apron, pity you didn't send it to me instead. I would have made sure to thank you, *s* it looks gorgeous. Some people are just plain rude, but how sweet of Christie to send you such a lovely parcel.

Nancy said...

Margaret what lovely aprons! Your sewing is done as beautifully as your stitching. The fabrics you chose are so nice together and make for beautiful kitchen attire! I also like your special touch of the label. How could anyone not thank you for this gift?

The apron and gifts you received are wonderful! What a gorgeous apron, and I'm sure wearing it makes you feel like a queen. I really love the hearts and writing on the inside - a very nice and personal touch that makes it so unique! Enjoy all the goodies too!

stitcherw said...

Beautiful aprons, both given and received. Somehow aprons do make you feel like you know what you are doing (even though in my case I really do not). That's to bad that your exchange partner didn't acknowledge the apron you sent her, and did not send you one. That would be so frustrating. However, how sweet of Christie to send you one as a surprise.

Sheila said...

Sorry to read your apron partner didn´t keep her end of the exchange. Great aprons but the real feast for my eyes have been the mermaid gifts you´ve received recently! WOW! WOW! WOW! I love mermaids too!

angelasweby said...

The apron you stitched for your exchange is just lovely. i am falling more and more in love with the stitchery i see you do. i just love your little personalized label. How very sad that there are people who enter into these exchanges and with no explanation whatsoever, let their partners down. A line of apology or explanation costs nothing. Thank goodness these people are more than balanced by thoughtful and generous friends like Christine. Her work is impeccable and her generosity heartfelt. Her apron is so pretty and I love the sentiment expressed on the insdie. What great gifts, too - Quilter's mints how yummy, you can eat and quilt simulaneously :>)What a great little horse. he is so lovely.
I don't know what it is about aprons but, psychologically they really do inspire me to get on with things too - oooh, quick, take it off..haha!
Warmh hugs, Angela

~Bren~ said...

Margaret...your apron was beautiful. It is difficult to know if your partner was rude or if there may have been a horrific trauma in her life. Either way I pray for her. God has blessed you with Christie's gift! She is a sweetheart as are you!!

Heidi said...

I am so sad for you Margaret! I am leary of exchanges for this very reason. I will however keep my fingers and toes crossed that it still may show up. The one you sewed was just exquisite! The just because apron is just wonderful and what fun gifts she sent along with it. The inside is just so sweet. I cannot think of a better deserving person too!

I tagged you so go take a look at my CTS blog.

Hugs ~

Sue said...

I love the aprons. I'm like you, I don't care to cook and don't do it often, but wearing an apron makes me feel like the virtuous woman ;)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Both aprons are just lovely, you have a very special friend to just make you an apron, and as for the other lady....well....not good.

Christine said...

Lovely apron Margaret. I really like how you did the label. Your such a beautiful sewer.

How sweet of Christie to send you such a lovely unexpected gift. It's the Christie's of the world that make up for the others. Bravo Christie!

patchwitch said...

Very nice aprons Margaret! I never wear aprons, but last year I was a maid in a play (Goldoni) and I had to sew one very old fashioned. When I was looking for patterns I have found lots of nice patterns (unfortunately I needed a very simple white one as I couldn't be more elegant then the lord and his daughter:D).
These are really nice and modern. I loved the message you got from Christie... It was a really nice one. Enjoy your aprons! Good cooking Margaret!

XXXdomy said...

These aprons are really beautiful ! In wearing a such beautiful apron you must cook fantastic meals, as we said in France, you are a "cordon bleu" !
I like wearing aprons when I'm cooking ! And it's a good idea for a new project for me for this year.

I'm sad for you, it's incredible that people don't respect the rules in an exchange. Don't worry, you have many "online" real friends ! I'm proud tobe one of them
Have a nice week-end.

Andrea said...

A lovely apron you made Margaret, such a shame the person couldn't be bothered to thank you or that you haven't received one in return.
It's friends like Christie that make it all worth while. A beautiful gift from her.

Joni said...

That was so sweet of Christie! I love the apron you made it is gorgeous!!

Reginas Cottage said...

your apron is very,very loveley.
the fabrics like it.
have a nice week

Sweet P said...

Your aprons are adorable. There seems to be a new trend in wearing aprons. I guess I need to make one for me.

Your goodie package was wonderful. How thoughtful of Christie to make it for you.

Christie said...

Wow-- that Christie is some gal! *wink*wink*smile
I think you look absolutely maahvelus in both aprons! You go girl!

Christine said...

Love the apron you made from Thimbleberries fabric and the label is just gorgeous. I have never made an apron but after seeing yours I am adding it to my list of things to do. Sad about your swap partner! I'm glad Christie sent you such lovely gifts.

Sachiko said...

What a lovly aprons!!
The apron and gifts you received are wonderful!