Monday, April 30, 2007

A small finish

It seems I very rarely have any finished stitching to show off here.........this is because I'm more into the big projects that seem to take forever to do.
I recently stitched this little Printemps design by Marjorie Massey and had planned on waiting until it was finished into a pinkeep before taking a picture.
However, I need to find some red toile fabric for the back of the pinkeep and I have no chance of finding that here in Spain. I go to England on Saturday for two weeks so hopefully will find something suitable there.
Also in the photoshoot are a couple of little things my friend Brigitte in Germany has stitched for me over the years. I thought they made a pretty display and it's nice to be able to show off Brigitte's lovely stitching here.
The other picture is my progress on Sanctuary by the Drawn Thread. It's stitched on 36ct Elegant Bean linen using NPI silks. I love this piece and my aim is to finish it this year.


Nancy said...


Your stitching photos are gorgeous! Printemps is the sweetest sampler, and you did such a nice job of stitching. It looks beautiful laying on the doily with Brigitte's needlework (which is also very pretty). Sanctuary is nice too, and I will cheer you on to get it finished.


Heidi said...

Sanctuary is really going to be beautiful. It does look like a large piece.

I love the Printemps piece and it will make a great pinkeep! It looks really lovely with the things Brigitte stitched for you. The heart pillow is especially nice! You will have your own little red and white display area soon.

Christine said...

How beautiful M.M.. Don't you just love stitching with silks. I can't wait to see the finished piece. Brigitte's stitching is fab!

Rachel V said...

Very lovely pictures, Margaret! I especially love your redwork.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is so lovely Printemps is really delicate and will make a beautiful pinkeep and Sanctuary is just gorgeous. What lovely gifts from Brigitte, the little ornament has one of my favourite designs on.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

warms hugs

Anonymous said...

Sanctuary by the Drawn Thread is so beautiful! and also nice Printemps!

Maria del Valle