Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy day gardening

One of the reasons we decided to retire to Spain was to escape the dismal UK weather.
However, while the UK has been basking in unseasonably hot, sunny weather for the past week we've been having unsettled weather.
Yesterday is was raining heavily :( so we decided to go to a nursery garden to buy a couple of planters.
I couldn't believe how cheap the plants were at this little nursery and I really enjoyed our visit even with rain dripping down my neck!
Living in an apartment I do miss my garden although there are some gorgeous flowers on the urbanization for all to share.
Here's a picture of one of my planters taken from the balcony window. We bought two of these planters and our neighbour across the hall came with us and bought two also so we have a nice display of geraniums.


Nancy said...

What beautiful Geraniums Margaret - enjoy! I just love the vibrant colors of the blossoms, and the leaves of this flower are among my favorites.


Heidi said...

These are really pretty geraniums with color that is really popping out at you! The nice thing about having a balcony and not a garden is the smallest things will stand out more than become lost in a garden. Enjoy this ray of sunshine on your balcony and thanks for a sharing a piece of your home! I loved seeing that.

CONNIE W said...

Flowers are universal and bring us joy no matter where we are - they are a language, in a sense. I look at some blogs in languages I can't read but the flowers in the photos always 'speak' to me. The pink ones in your photo say 'welcome' and 'spring'. So pretty.

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Lovely flowers, Margaret... They always brighten my days... and what lovely views of the ocean from your apt! :-) Thanks for sharing with us!

MysteryKnitter said...

How beautiful! I mean the flower.