Monday, May 26, 2014

Second Half

Hi everyone,
This is the second half of the post I started yesterday.
First up is cross stitch. This ornament is from the Prairie Schooler Just Hatched book #107 stitched with the recommended DMC threads.

back view

next is a Lizzie Kate design finished as a pillow. Design is from the first series of Flip its

a very small start on Sunflower Bell Pull - an oldie but goodie by The Drawn Thread

and an equally small start on The Red House Sampler by Brenda Keyes

now for some pretty gifts I have received. This teeny tiny mermaid swam all the way to Spain from France. To give you an idea of just how miniature this little pillow is I laid it on the post card it came with

it is stitched on impossibly high count linen and the mermaid tail is even done in specialty stitches!

next is a beautiful crazy patchwork needle book done in silk fabrics from my dear friend Caz in UK

back view

Thank you so much Caz I really love it.

I'm no quilter but I decided I would have a go at a lap quilt. I saw the pattern here and I thought it would be easy. It probably is but there are so many points and junctions to match up and some of it is on the bias so I'm just not finding it easy.
Anyway here are my 16 patch blocks done in two older lines by Three Sisters for Moda. One is Simplicity and the other is Aviary.

and here's how the X blocks are going to look

We were in UK at the beginning of May to visit family. My daughter and I came across a shop called Sally's Shabby Chic where the owner was rescuing old furniture from the dump and upcycling chairs, dressers etc and giving them a new lease of life.
I loved the chairs that she had painted white and covered in Cath Kidston fabrics.
Anyway, there were lots of vintage bits and pieces and I spied an old embroidery which I was admiring when the shop owner told me I could have it.
It is stitched on a good linen fabric. I think it is charming and plan on having it framed.

I don't buy many magazines these days but this one caught my eye

so I bought it because there were three projects in it that interested me.
One is this miniature quilt by Camille Roskelley which I have bought fabric for

there is also a Union Jack pillow pattern and this cute dog that I'd love to make but really, how many more projects do I need?

So I think that's just about it. Thanks for visiting my blog today and thank you for all the lovely comments received on my previous post.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Amazing little mermaid! Tiny is always cuter but always more difficult. :o) I think your blocks are so pretty and only you would notice any "imperfect" seam matching. I don't worry over it any longer. I do my best and tell myself no one is perfect and if anyone cares that's their problem. You're going to become a quilter yet!

Mii Stitch said...

Cute finishes Margaret! Would love to see your little dog when you get a chance to make it. Looks promising! :)

Michelle said...

Margaret I love the 2 gifts you finished for me - always treasured xx

Caz said...

Margaret, I love the Red House sampler,,,,,your using lovely fabrics in the quilt. What a cute Mermaid!

Barb said...

All of the projects are just lovely! You have chosen such pretty fabrics for the quilting projects. I love your finishes, both the egg and the pillow.

hazel c UK said...

Another lovely post Margaret, your mermaid is so cute and I wonder how Francoise can work so small, her eyesight is certainly a lot better than mine. The little needle book is so vintage, beautiful. The embroidery you purchased from the shop must be really old I like things that are unique. I wondered what will happen to our projects.

Thank you for sharing.

Hazel c uk

Mouse said...

cooo that is one small mermaid .... and well done on the quilting too and of course you have to make the wee dog ....
love the Red House sampler too :)
and glad you had a fun time in the UK too :) love mouse xxxx

Unknown said...

What lovely gifts you've received! The mermaid is amazing...and I love all the projects you have created and are working on - the cross stitch is gorgeous, and I love your fabric fun...Chrissie x

Vickie said...

Oh such lovely stitching! Very nice gift for you. Good for you with the embroidery find. :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful projects and gifts - I especially love the mermaid and vintage embroidery!

Melissa said...

Margaret, everything looks grand! My oh my but you have been busy, and are still busy! Lovely things!

Christine M said...

Lovely little cross stitch projects. How sweet is that mermaid! I love the fabrics you are using for your quilt, Margaret. It is going to be so pretty.


Hello Margaret, it is always a joy to look at your stitching projects. The wee mermaid is so sweet. The x quilting block is very pretty. I think your vintage embroidery will be very lovely frame. A nice treasure. And Wow, I do Love your Spinning Wheel. I must know what brand it is and how long have you had it. very big smile. I love it. I am thinking of buying one myself. Hugs Judy

Penny said...

Lovely stitching finishes! You've made some nice starts, too - The Red House Sampler has always been a favorite. The embroidery piece is gorgeous! Love that miniature quilt!

Giovanna said...

Lovely finishes, WIPs, and gifts! And what a great find is that old embroidery, so charming.

Robin said...

Oh boy! This is not enough to compliment you....but I love it all.

Ellen said...

Beautiful finishes! Love your new starts too!

That mermaid is so adorable, love her! I am no good at patchwork and quilting but those projects in the magazine look wonderful! Looking forward to your progress!

I am still stitching but no mood to blog ha ha!


Margaret said...

Love the stitching! Love your choice of quilts! That Camille one is so cool.

Beth said...

Such pretty stitching Margaret. I am partial to the PS and the L*K. You received some very unique gifts. I will be interested to see your quilted dog.

Manuela said...

Wonderful gifts and projects.

Hugs, Manuela

cucki said...

Hello dear,
Oh such lovely stitching! Very nice gift for you. Good for you with the embroidery find. So cute
Hugs x

Cindy said...

Very pretty stitching! I hope you enjoy your quilting. Looks like you have a very good start:)

Lili said...

How pretty stitching!
The Red House sampler is so beautiful! Nice start!!

Andrea said...

Wow the mermaid is so tiny. Your stitching finishes are wonderful along with your quilting. You can certainly turn your hand to most things dear Margaret.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :) congrats on your finishes!

Carol-Ann said...

Lovely cross-stitch, so very pretty. The Moda quilt fabrics are arorable, delicate and summery. Such acceptable stitching gifts, lucky you.

Carol said...

Your stitching and finishing are so lovely, Margaret. I've done that PS bunny, too, but never finished him--yours looks wonderful! And that teeny-tiny mermaid--too cute for words :)

Hope you're having some lovely weather in Spain!

Anonymous said...

Beautifull news projets!!!!
Thanks for your words

Roberta said...

Margaret, love all the projects that you are working on. How fun that you are taking up sewing and that you are doing a bit of quilting too. Your spinning wheel is so great and I love the yarn you have spun. Caz's quilted needlebook is really nice and of course the mermaid, what could one say!

Lynn B said...

Love all of your recent finishes, they are all so pretty. What a lovely vintage embroidery you were given.
The mermaid gift is so cute!

Unknown said...

Hi Margaret
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my new blog. I have just looked at yours -you have some absolutely beautiful projects! I will be having a closer look at your gorgeous cross stitch. Thank you so much for connecting with me Alison xx

Yvonne W said...

All your projects are sewn so neatly-- I am always impressed by your finishes. The sausage dog project looks so cute--I had a couple as pets when I was a kid.The samplers both look like lovely projects to do. Enjoy the process.

Sheryl said...

The Red House sampler looks very pretty Margaret.

Karoline said...

You've been really busy lately, congratulations on all the finishes in both posts. Your new stitching starts are gorgeous. I really enjoyed stitching Sunflower bellpull I hope you do to.

Crafty in the Med said...

Lots and Lots of really lovely makes ...such fine work!
I am truly amazed at how creative some people are and more so now in these times. I love to coast on blogland to see other bloggers ideas and tips on recycling things that we often just throw away!

keep well

Amanda x

A little happy place said...

Hi Margaret, so happy to have found your lovely blog. Oh my you have been so busy. It's a long time since I have done any cross stitch, but I feel very inspired. Your quilt is looking gorgeous and yes give the mini cheerio a go, I made it and love it!!! Look forward to following your crafty adventures! Sarah xo

Brigitte said...

You have been working on some great projects, Margaret. I love your two little finishes. These Prairie Schooler eggs are so lovely, aren't they, I stitched them all as well quite a while ago but gave them away as gifts, so I think I have to stitch them again for me, lol. I also love the L*K May design, it's so beautifully finished as well. Have fun with your two WIPs, they are such a great choice.

Isn't Francoise's stitching quite extraordinary? So wonderful, this tiny little mermaid she made for you. And just as beautiful is the patchwork needlebook that you received. Enjoy both your gifts.

I love Moda fabrics a lot and whenever I see some of these charm packs or jelly rolls I buy one or two. The two lines you use for your lap quilt are really beautiful. And that miniature quilt will be gorgeous with the fabrics you chose for it. Looking forward to seeing the results. And those darling little dogs.

Karen said...

All of these projects are beautiful, Margaret, you are such a perfectionist with your stitching and finishing. The little gifts you received are so special and how lucky you are to be given that beautiful vintage embroidery!

Jeanne said...

Well you know there's always more projects than we have time for! Love all your finishes and works in progress. Sunflower Bellpull was the first project I ever did as a round robin about 10 yrs ago, it hangs in my foyer and I still love it. I love all of Brenda Keyes' samplers too.

reinaknitsbythefire said...

Margaret..everything you do is an inspiration to them all. Your talents and abilities are marvelous my dear friend.
I so wish we could meet and have tea and chat and crochet, knit, etc.

I am crocheting a granny sq afghan in colorways barley, linen and oatmeal shades.

Just picked up some baby pink yarn 4 ply yesterday and 4.50cm hook and watched a tutorial of Bob Wilson's on and I am crocheting a granny bag to use for the market, or beach, or bag! It is going nicely and hope to finish it quickly.

Hugs, talk on email soon.