Thursday, April 10, 2014

A few finishes for April

Hi everyone,
I didn't have any cross stitch content at all in my last blog post so I decided to bite the bullet and do some finishing so that I would have some to show this time.
I stitched the pieces for Blackbird Designs Tulip House Stitching Companion when the book A Stitcher's Journey first came out. Can it really have been 2011?
Because it involved painting and finishing a box I put it off but in the end it wasn't so bad.
Here is the top of the box. I used the recommended R & R linen and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.

Inside - it wasn't easy to get the pincushion to fit the compartment but I did the best I could and it looks no worse than the model in the book. The fabrics I used for the finishing are Beach House by Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabrics.

I think you should be able to click on the pictures for a close up view if you wish.

The next finish is even older. Digging deep into the box I came up with this Lizzie Kate Flip-it design. I think there have been several Flip-it series but this was maybe the first. Anyway, I finished April and May into little pillows.
Here's April and I'll show May next time

I've been making a bag (of course) and this one is The Prairie Tote by Stephanie
at Loft Creations
. The pattern is a PDF download which is available in her Etsy shop and is very reasonably priced.
Fabrics used are Robert Kaufman Black Washed Denim and regular quilting fabric from the Hometown line by Sweetwater.

Back view is just slightly different as I was using a charm pack for the patchwork blocks.

It's a while since I've done any crochet so when I saw the crochet along here
I decided to have a go and I made two
I used Drops Paris yarn for this one

and assorted dishcloth cottons for this

The only other crafty thing I have to show you is the Blue Faced Leicester fibre I'm currently spinning. I'm looking forward to seeing how the finished yarn looks

Some baking has been done this week .............

bread rolls

and banana and walnut muffins

Finally, I thought you might like to see the pictures I took while I was out walking this afternoon

As always a big thank you for your continued visits to my blog. I'd like to try to post a bit more often so we'll see how it goes.


Vickie said...

Very, very nice! And your walk is so lovely too.

Abby and Stephanie said...

It looks like paradise! :o) What pristine skies. I just love your Prairie Tote. That washed denim is fabulous. :o) I always enjoy seeing your cross stitch -- that box is beautiful. You have many talents. I enjoy seeing all handmade goodness, whatever the craft.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I tell you what Margaret I wish I had been out walking with you this afternoon....gorgeous!
I love your little April cushion, so cute and your mandalas are lovely!
V xxx

Michele said...

Love your stitching and finishing. The box is lovely! and the April pillow is adorable :)

and wow, your totes are lovely!

Caz said...

Everything is lovely,, as usual,,, and thanks for the sunshine,,looks lovely and warm.

cucki said...

Aww I love your stitching and finishing. The box is lovely and the April pillow is adorable ..super cute..
Wow very pretty totes :)
Big hugs x


Hello Margaret, your bags are a joy to see. The roving is very colorful and should create some lovely yarn. OH how I love to see the area where you walk. So very lovely . Oh how I love the Sea. The blooms are beautiful too. Hugs Judy

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love you finishes. So cute! I wish I could have been with you on your walk. Sigh, such beauty!

marly said...

As much as I dislike exercise, I would walk all the time with that scenery. Everything looks great - love that bag.

Margaret said...

Wow, you live in a beautiful place! So close to the ocean? Lucky you! Love all your finishes. Gorgeous work! And you bake too? You do everything! That fiber is gorgeous! Are you still using a drop spindle?

Sheryl said...

Hi Margaret, what a very lovely box and the bag is beautiful. Also the muffins look very tempting.mmmm

Carol-Ann said...

Sunshine and beautiful views are as lovely as your needlework.

Barb said...

That box is just perfect!! You have been very busy with all those projects. Thanks for the beautiful walk!

Mouse said...

oooo you didn't have to do the box just for me .. I have this one to do for myself except I haven't got that box
lovely projects and gorgeous shots of the beach and thanks for the muffins too :) love mouse xxxx

Ellen said...

Wow, beautiful box, love it! Love your bag too, you are so talented at sewing!

Thank you for sharing the photos, love the sea and the flowers are so beautiful!


Von said...

I'm so envious of the views on your walk - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your projects. Each one is amazing.

hazel c UK said...

Another delightful post Margaret and so unexpected. The box is beautiful and so well finished. Yes I think the LK pillow was from the first flip it series for I done that one to. Your baking looks scrumptious and your yarn is so pretty. Well what can I say about the place where you live such lovely blue sky and golden sands so different from I have just been for a few days. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW the bag is lovely to. Hugs hazel

Yvonne W said...

As usual, all your finishes are beautiful. Love the way you have done the bag-- always looks so professional. The sea and sand looks inviting-- looks like a good place for a walk.

Manuela said...

All your works are fantastic.
My favourite is the bag.

Greetings, Manuela

Lili said...

Your box is so pretty!!
So cute the April ornament :)

How adorable bag!!!

The muffins so yummy!!

Beautiful photos!!


Jackie's Stitches said...

Absolutely gorgeous finishes!

Nancy said...

Your needlework finishes are just beautiful Margaret, and I always enjoy your pictures of Spain!

Melody said...

Beautiful finishes! What a fabulous view from your walk!

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

So many beautiful finishes. The bag is wonderful. I love your fabric choices. The food looks yummy and the walk so serene.

Angela said...

What a lovely feeling to get some old projects finished off. It's such a shame for them to remain in the drawer. The finished box is gorgeous.I remember painting my box but still haven't got my piece finished. Perhaps I should take my own advice :-)
I love the bag, your bags are legend, ever one is an original and the crochet mats are really pretty especially the lavender one. The colours of the yarn are so pretty too. Wonder what that will become :-)
I recognise the beautiful route you took for your walk. it really is an idyllic setting and the baking looks delicious.
I am definitely looking forward to more frequent posts. xx

Bev said...

Oh my all your things are simply beautiful I especially love the Blackbird design box. What a beautiful view you have wherever you live so peaceful xx

Mii Stitch said...

Pretty finishes, love the lizzie kate one, so sweet!!!

Giovanna said...

Great finishes, and lovely pictures of where you live - what a wonderful blue sky. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

What a stunning design on the box Margaret it looks lovely. Adore your crochet and bag as well. Your photos are lovely - can't wait to visit Spain now in August xx

Andrea said...

OK where do I start!

A lovely box with all the little bits and bobs inside. Your little pillow is cute. The tote bag is gorgeous, love the colour combination. Your spinning yarn is fab, so colourful. Oh bread rolls, they look so yummy ... any left!? Always a pleasure to visit you Margaret, enjoy all of that glorious weather you look as though you are having. I think it looks like a dry week for us here, just in time for the Easter weekend.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishing and your bag is lovely

The photos from your walk are gorgeous

Anne said...

What a delightful post Margaret! The BBD finish is exquisite. That box for the design is so neat. I wish they sold boxes like that at crafts stores. Love the little LK finish. Perfect for Easter. Great new tote you made! Some great fabrics there! The spinning yarn looks amazing and would be very therapeutic to spin.

Brigitte said...

Ahhh, I love the wooden box, inside and out. Such loevly stitching and finishing. And your little Easter piece is so cute. If I wre at home right now I would like to sit down and do some finishing myself but I have to wait.

Such a great bag again. And the crochet doilies are so sweet.

Nice to follow you on your walk to the sea. It must be wonderful where you live.

Anonymous said...

A sunny yet empty beach - a real dream ! I know that England tempts you back, but hey, in the meantime, enjoy the Mediterranean shores, they are not that bad :-)
I like the look of the black denim - so many gorgeous bags.
Warm wishes from Paris
PS : thank you for responding to my email with all the required details. The nearest quilting shop ( 30-minute drive) has closed down - like so many others, alas.

Ruthie's Place said...


Hopefully I'm really back this time. Love your bag, you do fabulous work.
Will be in touch again soon.
Warm hugs,

Ruthie's Place said...

My post seems to have disappeared LOL. LOve your bag, you do fantastic work. Will be in touch again soon.
Warm hugs,

Diana said...

I love all your finishes and the walkway to the Ocean

Jeanne said...

Lots of great eye candy as usual Margaret. One of your crocheted pieces reminds me of a watermelon - love the colors. You did a great job on your XS box and it looks like it was a lot of work. Some of the finishing on these kind of pieces takes longer than the stitching.

Anonymous said...

Everything lovely!!!!!

Tammy said...

Awesome post! All your projects look amazing and that box is absolutely beautiful!