Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where to start.........

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry to have been absent from my blog for so long. It was a strange summer and I completely lost my mojo for a while.
Anyway, here I am with rather a lot to catch up on - probably too many pictures for one post so I'll save some of them for another time.
A few months ago Roberta gifted me a pattern for the Bow Tucks Mini Tote so I decided to make her a bag by way of a thank you.
I've made this style of bag before using schoolgirl sampler print fabric by Blackbird Designs Rhubarb and Ginger line.

Side view of the bag

a zippered pouch and little four patch pincushion to go inside

My friend Caz from UK came to stay for a week and I made her a bag as a welcome gift.
This is The West Linn bag by Stephanie at Loft Creations
I used Ikea linen and the Pure fabric line by Sweetwater

It was a breezy day when we did the photo shoot and the bag was swinging crazily from the tree but I managed a decent picture in the end

the button was only a temporary measure and a much nicer one was found and sewn on later
back of the bag

I love how this bag turned out. Stephanie does some great patterns and she has her first book coming out early next year so do look out for that as it is sure to be fabulous.

While Caz was here we had a workshop day where we made the French Sewing Roll from Mandy Shaw's book Quilt Yourself Gorgeous

I used my precious stash of Cath Kidston fabrics, buttons and ribbon for mine and I love how it turned out
You should be able to click on the pictures for a better view if you wish

the outer case


handy pockets - love that Stanley the dog fabric very much :)

Cross stitch...............oh dear I'm really struggling with that lately and can't seem to find much enthusiasm at all for it at the moment. However, I do have one finish which is Pumpkin Farm by Blackbird Designs.
I used mostly the recommended threads with a few subs where I didn't have the ones called for in the pattern.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this piece as I didn't leave enough of a fabric margin for framing. I am thinking project pouch but we'll see.....

I also did a bit of finishing on this little Bent Creek piece that I stitched years ago. So long ago in fact that I don't remember the name of it or what fabric and threads were used. I finished it as a pinkeep

back view

I seem to be doing more knitting than anything else lately. Here are the socks I knitted for my husband.
Full details of yarn and pattern used are on my Ravelry page

I have more knitting in the works but I'll show that next time. I just wanted to show you my latest craziness. Over the years I've often thought about how I'd like to learn to spin using a drop spindle and I finally bought a beginner kit from Katie at Hilltop Cloud

This is the kit I bought

and here is my clumsy beginner first attempt at turning this North Ronaldsay roving

into this first finished yarn. It will never be knit into anything but will hopefully be a reminder in the future of how much progress I've made

I'm getting better though and am currently spinning my way through the 50G of hand blended roving that you see in the box so more on my spinning adventures next time. If there are any drop spindle experts reading this then please do let me have your hints and tips.

So, it's Halloween and I don't expect so much as one trick or treater here tonight but I hope that those of you who are dressing up or going out to have fun have a spooktacular time.
A big welcome to my new followers and thanks as always for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.


Sheila said...

As ever... Great pictures of wonderful bags, cross stitch etc. can't wait to see the results of your new obsession with wool and spindle :)

Mii Stitch said...

Nice to read you again!!! You have been sooo busy!! Lovely stitchy finishes & bags :)

Nancy said...

I always say it Margaret, but everything you make, no matter what type of needlework it is, is very beautiful! Your pumpkin pinkeep is just perfect for today! Happy Halloween!

Caz said...

Your C K sewing roll turned out beautifully!

cucki said...

Wow such sweet stitches....
The sewing roll is so cute...big hugs x

marly said...

I don't believe clumsy is a word that would ever relate to your talents!! Everything you do is extremely well done.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Gorgeous bags Margaret , made with beautiful fabrics!
I love your CK fabric roll. :)
Good luck with your spinning, I think your first attempt looks great!
V xxx

Crafty in the Med said...

Lots of lovely lovely goodies here Margaret!!!

The bags are fantastic...really! Do you sell them? The halloween pincushion is ...what can I say but lovely!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Lili said...

Welcome back! :)
Lovely pieces!!
The bags are really amazing!
Hugs x

Vickie said...

Such beautiful gifts you have made. So nice to get caught up with you.

Christine M said...

Gorgeous projects.

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh!!! Spinning! So coooool! I'd love to learn to spin. I've done a tiny bit before on a real spinning wheel, but never done it for real. I'd say your first attempt is really good! I'm impressed! So much fun! All your finishes are lovely too, of course. You are amazing!

Abby and Stephanie said...

You are a lady of many talents! I think the first bag in the black and ivory is stunning. I do appreciate the plug for my bag and book. You are kind. Adorable little Stanley. Does is get cold where you live? I imagined it tropical. I think wanting to learn something new and just doing it is awesome.

Barb said...

You have so many wonderful projects finished!! The bags are beautiful. Plus wonderful stitching!

Ellen said...

Wonderful bags and sewing roll, love them!

Love to try spinning too, it looks fun! Your first attempt is great!


angelasweby said...

Margaret, your posts are always such a treat and well worth waiting for. I love the bag you made for Roberta. I've seen it in other colours but it is very elegant and eye catching in black prints.
The CK French sewing roll is wonderful. You can never have too many needle rolls :-) Stanley finishes it off perfectly.
Lovely pumpkin stitching too. It's always satisfying stitching something seasonal.
How fantastic to turn your hand to spinning. There is never an end to your talents. I can't wait to see what you make. xx

Cindy said...

So glad to see your post! Those socks are just amazing! I've never tried knitting socks, they look so complicated. But I have tried a drop spindle a few times. Never did as much as you did though:) Maybe I should try it again.
Hope you had a nice Halloween!

Manuela said...

Your were very busy. Lovely bags and a wonderful stitching.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela

sigisart said...

Dear Margaret,
what a wunderful post with such a lot of extreme beautiful "things". and you are right: you have to do more posts with such a lot of gorgeous works, I really cannot say what is the most beautiful, because everything you do is really awesome.
Hugs from Germany

Karoline said...

The bags are gorgeous & your pumpkin finishes are all lovely. Congratulations

Tammy said...

What wonderful projects you have been up to. Love the sewing roll. Your fabrics are just amazeing. And the fall stitcheries are absolutely fall perfection. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.

Lesleyanne said...

All of your projects are gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Lovely to see you blogging Margaret. The bags are stunning as always. A lot of stitchers I know seem to have lost their xs mojo lately - hope you are keeping well x

Carol-Ann said...

Margaret, wonderful as always, such a great showing - so many inspiring projects. Love them all.

Anonymous said...

So lovely!!!! Beautifull creations!!!your work is so perfect

Anonymous said...

Your bags always impress me so, Margaret !

Andrea said...

Love the brown and teal bag for your friend, colours are just wonderful. Your other finishing is just as amazing.


Hello Dear Margaret.

YOU have been missed. Your cross stitching and bags are always lovely to look at..

OH, how I enjoyed browsing the wool site where you bought your kits.. I think your first lot of wool from spinning is fantastic.. LOVE it. I will look forward to seeing more of that lovely roving made into wool yarn... Oh, I love everything UK... I wish you a very lovely week.. Hugs Judy

Yvonne W said...

I just love your bags-- the finish is so professionally done. The socks look very warm and comfortable. All the best with you attempts at spinning--- another craft to add to the list of crafts you do.

Carol said...

So nice to see a new post from you, Margaret!! I am in awe of that bag you made for Roberta!! Just beautiful as are the little extras you filled it with... The sewing roll is so cute and I love Pumpkin Farm. It will look wonderful finished into a pouch...

Hope all is well and that your husband is fully recovered! Hugs from Pennsylvania...

Tammy said...

Your spinning is beautiful!! And your are such a talented seamstress-those bags are gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Each time I see a new post from you I expect to see a new bag, and here they are. And they are looking so so beautiful. And so is the sewing roll. I love the fabrics and I can see why they are so precious to you.
Such a lovely Bent Creek pinkeep finish. And you also finished the Pumpkin House, one of my favourites of the series. But I have only finished four of the anniversaries and started #5.
One of my closest stitching friends is a bit like you - she is doing all sorts of needlework and also started spinning about half a year ago. I'm very curious to see what you will be doing with your home spun wool.

Sheryl said...

Beautiful bags and projects as always.