Monday, April 23, 2012

Tea and Toast

Hi everyone,
Time for another blog update. The star of the show being this beautiful pincushion which I received as a belated birthday present from my lovely friend Pat.
I understand this dainty china cup and matching plate is called a tea and toast set.
The pincushion design is from Blackbird Designs Christmas Garden.
It's a miracle this fine china made it all in one piece on the long journey from the USA to Spain. I would have been devastated if anything had been broken.
Pat really spoiled me as she also gave me the two latest Blackbird Designs books. A Schoolgirl's Work and For my Friend. I can't wait to start stitching something!

I've been doing some finishing and am happy to have finished the Stacy Nash Pears and Strawberries Sampler Sewing Bag.

It is stitched on 40ct linen using the recommended DMC threads. Fabrics are silk matka for the outer bag and checked homespun for the lining.

This little finish is a freebie from Patrick's Woods Designs and can be found here

Backing fabric is Pure by Sweetwater for Moda

Way back in 2008 (it doesn't seem that long ago but that is the date stitched on the piece) friend Sheila came over for the day. She'd stitched My Favorite Kitten Pinkeep by Primitive Betty's and she'd stitched it a second time for me.
We sewed our kittens up and then we spent a very messy time distressing them with walnut ink and stuffing them with sawdust.
I'm afraid I'm not into extreme prim and my poor kitty looked as though it had spent the night in a coal bucket! The sawdust wasn't a success either as it seemed to sink to the bottom so that the top of the kitty was very saggy.
Last week I decided to give my kitty a makeover. I took it apart, washed it and stuffed it again using a mix of toy stuffing and some soya beans to add a bit of weight. I think he looks a lot better now :)

I saw on this blog a SAL for a paper pieced pincushion. You just need to email Kris to request the pattern.
I don't think I could make a whole quilt using the English paper piecing technique but I did enjoy making this pincushion. It's a big sturdy pincushion and one I intend to use every day.

Friend Sheila came over last Wednesday and we went into Alicante to visit the quilt shop. The fabrics are very expensive and for that reason most of my fabric shopping is done online but it's nice to go to a shop to see and feel the fabrics every now and again.
Here's what I bought

I love the green fabric with the tiny sheep. A piece of blue homespun, two pieces of Sweetwater Hometown and one FQ of a sewing notions fabric.

I think that's about it for rhis time.
Just a reminder that if you are a noreply blogger I have no way of getting back to you if you ask me a question. New reader Barb asked me about the designs in my blog header but I had no way of replying.
Welcome to my new followers and, as always, a big thank you to my regulars and for the lovely comments that you leave.



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lots to love Margaret and lots of my favourite things this time too! :)
The sweet little kitten, the cute bunny and your gorgeous bag is so pretty.
How lucky were you to receive the beautiful cup and plate, such a clever idea. :)
happy Tuesday,
Vivienne x

Daffycat said...

Oh wow ~ I LOVE the green sheepie fabric! Too cute!

Your finishes are amazing, Margaret! The bunny freebie pinpillow is darling and your kitty turned out sweet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely!!!!!!!

Giovanna said...

What a lovely series of finishes - well done! and the teacup from Pat is just stunning, kudos to her.

Mouse said...

ooo gorgeous birthday pressie would suit me down to the ground too hehehe and lovely BBd books too :)
and the kitty looks happy with his make over

nice fabbie stash haul as well ...
love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

I just love the birthday gift from Pat! Wow! The teacup/saucer go so well with the design! Love your Stacy Nash finish as well. And the little bunny. Nice cat too -- funny how you didn't like the prim look. :D Nice pincushion. I love English paper piecing myself. Did a tumbling block baby quilt size once. It's so relaxing -- and it's away from the sewing machine.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Such a pretty place to visit. The pincushion tea cup set is the prettiest thing I've seen lately. Happy belated birthday. Your kitty is very sweet and fresh looking. :o)

Vickie said...

Your stitching is fantastic. Lovely projects. I like them very much. :)


A very lovely birthday pressie. Your creations are always lovely to look at. Happy Tuesday to you. Hugs judy

Tatkis said...

Lovely gifts and buyings!
Your Pears and Strawberries bag is fantastic and I just love refreshed stitched kitten :)


Marsha said...

Gorgeous birthday presents. Lucky you. Your stitching is wonderful and I especially like the kitty redo. I am jumping over to get that paper piecing pattern and hopefully I'll be able to figure out the instructions in English. It is really charming.

marly said...

Lovely gift set. Your Nash bag came out fabulous! I like the way the Matka looks, really textured. I guess that walnut stain isn't permanent cause your sweet kitty looks fresh and clean! Great post.

McKenna C. said...

Lovely stitching! I love your fabrics and presents! :)


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Wonderful projects and such pretty fabrics!

Kathy Ellen said...

'Happy Belated Birthday Wishes To You"! You must have been so thrilled to receive the beautifully stitched little pincushion with matching Tea & Toast set, from Pat.

Lovely finishing. My favorite is the wonderful Stacy Nash Sampler sewing bag...beautifully finished too! I love hand piecing, so think that I will have to ask for that cute little pincushion design too:)


Bertie said...

A lovely present!!! your SN is also fabulous, always a winner:)
Oh yes those bbd books, I am addicted to them!
Loved reading your post in a very wet UK:))

Carolien said...

Hello Magaret,

How nice to be spoiled with those books!
Lovely finishes, as ever. Those pincushions are zo cute!

Have a nice evening & greetings, Carolien

Marjorie said...

Your Stacy Nash is gorgeous and thank you for pointing out the freebie, it is adorable!

Lili said...

wonderful gift!! :)
All your works are so pretty.
Love the little cat!! and the pocket is amazing!!


Sweet Sue said...

Hi Margaret, have enjoyed watching your Pears and Strawberries progress, pretty finish. It's in my lineup, looking forward to trying a new finishing technique:) Wishing you a lovely week!

Michelle said...

Oh Margaret as always your finishes are just beautiful and always inspire. I adore looking at your stitching especially when you have your initials on them - same as mine MG xx

angelasweby said...

What a lot of lovely things to look at Margaret.
The dainty teacup pin cushion is beautiful and so are the BD books. What a lovely friend you have :-)
I really love the little kitty and your rabbit pin cushion too.
Congratulations on such a lovely finish in SN's Strawberries and Pears. Mine is still in the pending pile...sigh :-)
Warm wishes Angela xx

Ellen said...

Wonderful gifts! Love your SN's sewing bag, gorgeous!

Love that big pincushion too! I love patchwork smalls, those hand-made ones. I do not like the machine very much, ha ha!


Sheila said...

Everything is totally gorgeous - as always. And what great gifts you got from Pat.

Caz said...

Love the pincushion,,, I am still doing my Hexagon quilt,, 3 years and counting!!! Great gifts and finishes!!!

Penny said...

What a lovely birthday present! Love the Stacy Nash design and beautifully finished too! The little bunny finish is so sweet. Great job on the pincushion and a nice selection of fabrics. :)

Nancy said...

Hola Margaret! I haven't been in the blogger world for awhile, and your beautiful post was certainly a good way to get back into it! Everything is just gorgeous as always! You make such pretty things all the time, and the gifts from your friend are wonderful. Thanks, too, for the freebie link!

Carol said...

Oh, I get so excited when I see a new post from you, Margaret, because I know we'll always be treated to a variety of gorgeous finishes! Your sewing bag is perfect--I could never do those rounded edges like you've done so beautifully. And I love your little bunny and your sweet (and clean!) kitty finishes. I'm not a fan of very primitive looks either so I think yours is a big improvement :)

So glad that your friend's beautiful gifts made it all the way to Spain in one piece... enjoy!!

Sandra said...

Wow Margaret, I just love your Pears and Strawberries bag, I MUST try and get mine assembled.

Sally said...

Gorgeous gifts from your friend and your stitching is beautiful as always :)

Elisa said...

Wow so much eye candy in this post Margaret. The cup and saucer are perfect and your stitching wonderful as always xx

Patty C. said...

Everything looks wonderful -

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Im in awe of all your finishes!! They are gorgeous!

I love BBD and you will be in heaven with those 2 books. I have the one on the right and looked through the first one that I gave away in a giveaway. One day to get one for myself maybe.

You are so talented, girl!

Feathers in the Nest

Lynn B said...

Hi Margaret,

Lovely finishes, everything is so pretty!

Lynn B

Stina Blomgren said...

Lucky lucky you...:0) Pat sure is an angel...what a wonderful gift!!! So happy the china wasn't broken!!!! Have fun with those lovely books... And a happy belated birthday hug to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Stacy Nash finish and the dancing-on-scissors rabbit cushion is very sweet (thank you for the link). I like the fabric you used at the back.
Now, your star pin cushion is so clever and beautiful, you'll have much pleasure using it everyday (I have a lot of pleasure in using MINE, wink, wink).
Pretty fabric you bought in the shop, let's see what you make out of it...
Hasta pronto, V.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful gift you have received from your friend. It's definitely a little wonder that the china arrived safely. Enjoy the two BBD books.
What beauties you have stitched and finished! My favourite has to be the Stacy Nash sewing bag, I just love this kind of bags. The little cat is so cute and so is the rabbit dancing on scissors. A very creative design, I think.

Karoline said...

Your finishes are gorgeous, congratulations

You got some lovely gifts

Anonymous said...

Your teacup pincushion is so pretty and I love the pincushion you made. The sewing bag is such a pretty design and my what excellent choice you made with the fabrics when you went shopping with Margaret.

Thank you for sharing,
Hugs Hazel c (uk)

Susan said...

beautiful work

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...


I like all your new things. The teacup pincushion is great. Your sewing bag is very nice and the litte pillow with rabbit is also nice.


Nicola said...

Everything you have shown is beautiful.

Paula said...

Hi Margaret
I have nominated you for a couple of blog awards. Please check out my blog for details.
Paula x