Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi everyone,
Another month has flown past and I seem to have very little to show for it.
Anyway, here is the round up for September.
A while ago friends Angela, Sheila and I decided to work on this Jardin Privé design as a SAL.

Angela does not sew (or so she tells me) so the deal was that if she stitched the piece I would finish it into a bag for her and Sheila would make her own bag.

Here are the bags I made. My piece (the bag on the left) was stitched on 32 ct linen and the one Angela did is on 40ct linen so the bags are slightly different in size

The fabric line is Petite Maison by Bunny Hill Designs for Henry Glass Fabrics.
I love the little house design used for the back of the bag

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I love to make things into sets so I made matching pouches and eventually, there are to be fobs too but those are still a work in progress.

and finally here's a photo shoot of all three bags which includes the one (on the right) Sheila made for herself

On to other things............I'm enjoying the SAL with Carol so much so that I'm stitching the piece twice
here it is in blue stitched on 36 ct antique white linen with Vikki Clayton Paua Abalone variegated silk.

and here is the pink version stitched on palest pink 40 ct linen again using a variegated silk by Vikki Clayton

A while ago I showed you my progress on a Stacy Nash piece. Here is an update on where I am with it now

There's not that much more left to do and I'd love to get it finished but other things keep getting in the way.

Finally a couple of pictures from our three day mini break to the beautiful city of Toledo which is dominated by the Gothic style cathedral which was begun way back in 1226

We took the little tourist train which is a 45 minute (very bumpy) ride around the outskirts of the city

which afforded us some panoramic views of this historical city

and the medieval walls around it

Finally you may have noticed the new blog layout which includes a for sale button.
I am about to load some pictures on there as soon as I publish this post.
If there is anything you are interested in please email me.
Postage is not included in the price but will be charged at actual cost.
Thanks for looking!



staci said...

Oh my gosh Margaret...those bags are fabulous!!!

Siobhán said...

Margaret, everything is, as always, gorgeous!! The bags are wonderful--what a fun joint effort! Love the stitching, too. Beautiful work!

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful as usual...........I do love the match bag and accessories....very busy with your cross stitch..... Chookyblue bag,pincushion and needle keeper are in constant use..........and they always received gorgeous comments..........

Anonymous said...

Margaret what beautiful work,well done and i just love those bag sets,

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I think that's quite a lot to show for your month's work, all beautiful as always Margaret!
The bags are all gorgeous and I love the little matching pouches. :)
Toledo looks lovely, I can almost feel the heat!!


Hello from Michigan Margaret.

I have missed your posts recently for some reason. very sad face. I love your new blog look, I have given mine a make over too. VBG Your stitching is always wonderful. I love the PINK version of your SAL. I also just loved the tour you gave us of the medieval city. Thanks for sharing. hugs Judy

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your bags are beautiful and I love seeing your works in progress. You are so good at stitching! Toledo looks like a wonderful place. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

Margaret said...

Your work as always is amazing. I love those bags! Love the design you stitched too. Your SAL pieces are wonderful as well! Toledo looks like a pretty place!

Julia said...

Fabulous work as always Margaret and beautifully made up into those bags. Love too the Stacy Nash cross-stich - it's really lovely.

Julia x

Mary said...

Margaret what a wonderful post. You do have lots of stitching to share with us, unlike myself with not one stitch made this month!! The bags are lovely and the two different colourways in your SAL are both gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your trip to Toledo - love to see all these wonderful places.

Carol said...

Such beautiful bags, Margaret--your work is always perfect :) I love the color you've chosen for the SALs, too--both of them :)

I've heard that Toledo is a fascinating city--thanks for sharing your photos. Don't know if we'll ever get back to Spain, but I'd love to see it in person...

Ellen said...

Gorgeous bags, love them! Your color choices for Carol's SAL are very beautiful, ready love those silks!

Thank you for sharing the photos of Toledo, enjoy them!


Lili said...

wow! wonderful bags!
Love the new look on the blog!
your mystery SAL is so pretty, nice colours in both versions!
Beautiful works!
Very pretty photos from Toledo.

Have a great weekend!Hugs!

Sally said...

Oh wow, Margaret, those bags are beautiful and the matching pouches are so pretty.

Your Istitch mysteries are beautiful. I must get my part 5 stitched!

jane said...

Lovely bags Margaret and your mystery SALs both look beautiful.
Thank you so much for the photos of Toledo, it looks beautiful and is on my list of Spanish cities to visit.

KarenV said...

Those bags are gorgeous Margaret! The fabric choices are perfect - I especially like the little houses print on the back, very sweet.

Both versions of your SAL are very pretty - nice choice of colours.

hazel c UK said...

Well worth the wait Margaret your bags are beautiful and I am sure Angela will be thrilled with hers.
Carol's sal is so dainty and I am pleased you got away for a few days looks a very interesting place. We are having some wonderful hot weather here in the UK long may it last.
Hugs and Stitches
Hazel C (UK)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Your work is absolutely lovely. Those bags are gorgeous. I do love seeing photos from around the world. Gothic spires are always intriguing.

Nancy said...

Hola Margaret! Jardin Prive is such a pretty design, and you stitched and finished yours beautifully! Isn't Carol's SAL a fun stitch? I'm doing that one too and really enjoying it. I LOVE the Stacy Nash design you are stitching! What is the name of the design Margaret? And, thanks for sharing some scenic photos of Toledo. I always enjoy seeing Spain!

Ivana said...

Beautiful site, I will go watch!

Katherine said...

Angela is confused. Great stitching projects!

Karen said...

I love the bags with the adorable little houses, Margaret! And I love the way the fabric with little houses goes with it so perfectly. Your projects are beautiful as always!

valerie said...

Gorgeous bags! That fabric is perfect to compliment the stitched pieces. Your iStitch pieces are really coming along as well as the Autumn one!

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Oh, what wonderful bags. So nice.


Lynn B said...

Hi Margaret,

Ooooo, absolutely gorgoeus bags, lucky Angela!

Love the new blog header, I have only just worked out how to do a nice blog header, it took me ages to work it out! I have not managed to do nice blog buttons yet, but I am working on that too!

Love everything you make Margaret, as always, it is all simply perfect!

Karoline said...

Gorgeous bags, congratulations to all of you. It's nice to see some of Sheila's finishes. Your wips are looking lovely.

Carol R said...

Love the bags Margaret. I recently stitched the JP piece too - maybe I should have sent it to you too ;-)
Thanks for sharing your Toledo pictures.

Daffycat said...

The JP SAL bags are simply darling. And your IStitch pieces look great. Nice progress on the SN...I love the colors in this one.

Toledo looks beautiful. I love the medieval walls so much! How fantastic it would be to live close enough to take mini breaks to such a place.

Anonymous said...

Great job you did with the bags and pouches - you are such a talented needleworker. I need somebody like you in my life !

Phyllis said...

I love the bags. Where did you find the fabric with the houses? I've got to have it...looked around a bit online but didn't find it.

Sparky said...

beautiful stitches, beautiful pics...
is this your quilt blog too btw?
hope your package arrived?

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What beautiful work!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the variegated silks.

Toledo was one of our favorite towns in Spain. Aaahh, the memories.

Happy Stitching and I'm so glad to have found you.


Simone de Klerk said...

Such lovely views!
And your bags are so pretty! I see what you mean that you love making bags too (((o:

Bumpkin Hill said...

such beautiful bags, the stitch work is amazing. Have a lovely weekend, Catherine

Sharon said...

Those bags are gorgeous! I also love the blue and pink variegated threads you are using in your stitchery! I'm using a variegated thread in some Christmas blocks I'm making and love the outcome! Your work is beautiful as always!

Betsy said...

Margaret, your work is stunning!

Catherine said...

Lovely bags !!!
I have missed the date for the SAL by Carol.
Maybe she would propose it another time.
Lovely photos.
I may go with my classes to Bracelona in December.
I can't wait to be there !!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Those are really beautiful bags! How neat that she stitches them and you sew them. I used to cross-stitch all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are just beautiful. The stitching, fabric, everything is just perfect.

Unknown said...

Beautiful bags!!
and you live in such a nice city !! i visited it a long time ago!