Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's been a while..........

I can hardly believe how long it's been since my last post! My family came from UK for the whole of August and the summer has seemed to fly past.
I didn't expect to get anything done at all while they were here but I found I did have a little time in the evenings to pick up my cross stitch and I have actually managed to get two older projects finished.
The first one, Winter Winds by the Prairie Schooler, was started last year

and the other, Beneath the Sunlit Sky by Blackbird Designs, was finished earlier today! It is stitched on 30 ct R & R Sea Fog linen using a mix of hand dyed threads by the Gentle Arts and Crescent Colours.

This piece will be framed but have a look here to see the wonderful table centre Heidi made from one of her Prairie Schooler stitched pieces. It's the blog entry from August 28th. I'd just love to do something similar with mine.
On to other things here's another dilly bag that I made from the same pattern I used once before only this time I did a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery design instead of using applique. I love this style of bag and have plans for a few more yet. One of the pictures shows the back of the bag and I couldn't decide which picture to use of the two that show the front so you get to see both.

I have another finished bag using the same fabrics but will save that to show next time.

In my last post I showed a scissor keeper and pincushion I had made for an exchange.
Here's the lovely scissor keeper and pincushion I received from Val in exchange.
Val used machine embroidery to embellish the scissor keeper and inside is a small pair of very sharp scissors that are just perfect for cutting out my applique pieces.
The scissors have a little key charm hanging from them and the pincushion has a stickpin again with a charm hanging from it. I just love this little set! What a fun exchange.

I don't know how many times I've entered blog giveaways with only one previous success but August 17th seems to have been my lucky day as I was notified of not one but two blog wins that day.
The first was from Judy in her drawing for a gorgeous fabric postcard. Have a look at this isn't it beautiful?
I love the 3 D effect of the fields

Judy also included some DMC threads, Thank you so much Judy those are always very welcome here and I will always treasure the lovely postcard.

My next win was on Marit's blog
where I was the lucky winner of her napkin box and two matching pot holders.
Marit is in Norway and does such lovely work. I feel very lucky to have something made by her. Thank you Marit :)

Finally I just can't resist showing a picture of my first ever Moda layer cake. Oooh how gorgeous is this? It's the Peace on Earth line and so lovely. I doubt I can ever bring myself to untie the ribbon but I love looking at it!
The great thing is I got this layer cake absolutely free for subscribing to the British quilting magazine Popular Patchwork. My friend Christine tells me this layer cake is $45 Canadian dollars. How could I resist such a bargain?

This has been another long post so if you're wtill with me thanks as always for visiting and for the lovely comments you leave. I hope you enjoy the picture show. They should all be clickable for a better view.

Until next time!


hazel c UK said...

I have just had a lovely time looking at your new entry. What beautiful projects you have won and the dilly bag you made is beautiful I love the verse and the colours you have used. You are very talented Margaret.
Love Hazel


Giid Day Margaret, You was missed. vbg You crost stitch projects are very beautiful along with your gorgeous dilly bags. You are sooo very talented. You are welocme for Provence PC and I am very happy you like it. It has found a good home. Also Marit Pot holders and napkin box is very pretty. Lucky you, two wins on one day. VBG Take care Hugs Judy

Dorothy said...

Margaret, your stitchery is beautiful. Beneath The Sunlit Sky is fantastic, can't wait to see how you frame it. I really like the dilly bag you made, the color choices are wonderful.

Pat said...

Oh my Margaret! I don"t even know where to begin. A beautiful post and well worth waiting for. Each and every gift you received is lovely. I am glad that I don't have to pick a favorite. I love everything that you made too. Here I do have a favorite though. I love Lilies of The Valley. Your stitchery and your dilly bag are beautiful. Again your work is stunning.

Sheila said...

Love looking at all your finishes. That Dilly Bag is just gorgeous and the Provence PC you won is absolutely beautiful. As is the napkin box. Definitely worth waiting for a win to get these two :lol :)
Look forward to seeing more amazing work now your family have returned home.

Karen said...

Lucky you for the double win. The layer cake looks "yummy", and , as always, your stitching is beautiful;)

Barbara said...

Now aren't you the lucky one getting all those wonderful prizes. Your two finishes are beautiful, and they would look lovely in a finish like Heidi made. Your dilly bags are beautiful. You are just so talented.

Anonymous said...

Your two finishes are beautiful Margaret! Love the dilly bag too, so pretty and lucky you to win two gorgeous prizes on the same day!

Nancy said...

Oh Margaret:
Where do I start. I love the first stitched piece. I love bright colors, red and blue are my favorites, so, I am partial to that one.
The bag you made is oh so pretty. What a talented lady you are.
The gifts you received are great too. What wonderful people you meet though blogging and stitching groups. Glad you had fun with your family, and some time to stitch too.
Nancy V

Tammy said...

Your work is beautiful! Would you mind telling me if you used a pattern for your dilly bag? I love it! The exchange is beautiful too. Lucky girl!

Nancy said...

Margaret everything is so lovely! The letters really do look like they are in the snow on Winter Winds, and Beneath the Sunlit Sky is gorgeous! Did you pick your own colors? I don't need to tell you how lucky I am to be the owner of the gorgeous bag you made. You received many beautiful gifts! Lucky lady!

Yuko said...

Ohh Margaret,
Another beautiful post with lots of lovely photos!!
Where do I start...
Your stitched pieces are beautiful!
I love both designers so much, so am happy to see them!
Your dilly bag is gorgeous as always!! I'm so admired of your works so much, Margaret!!
And also goodies and exchange from your friends are also gorgeous!
I'm in awe for the 3D postcard!
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us!
I'm always so looking forward to reading your post!

Lorraine said...

welcome back....and you have been busy! Lucky you with the wins! and I love your cross stitch projects....!

Christine said...

Another beautiful post Margaret. WOW!

Your samplers are beautiful. You are such a beautiful stitcher amoung other things.

All your dilly bags are all fab.. This one is especially pretty with the beautiful embroidery.

Lovely exchange with Val. The purse and cushion are so pretty.

You lucky lady winning those beautiful prizes.

Silly Canadian prices! Thats why I buy from The States.

The little book of Nessie said...

I love the dilly bag you made. Congratulations winning those lovely items. It is always a pleasure to view your blog. Such lovely work. Regards, Nessie

Dovilė said...

Lovely all your finishes. That Dilly Bag is just gorgeous!the Provence PC you won is fantastic!

~Bren~ said...

Your finishes are both wonderful!
So glad you had a good time with your family. Congrats on the wins!!

staci said...

So many pretty things to see! All of your stitching and finishes are absolutely gorgeous, congrats!

And congrats on winning some wonderful giveaways!

Sally said...

I love both your cross stitch finishes Margaret but especially Beneath The Sunlit Sky. It's so pretty.

Your dilly bag is beautiful.

Love the things you won:)

Unknown said...

I love your handy work the dilly bag looks great too. Hope you enjoyed your time with family. Jo x

Michele said...

Hope you had a great visit with your family! Love your finishes :) I adore Sunlight Sky!

Nice blog wins too :)

Love to Applique said...

Hello Margaret, Thank you for the nice comment about my embroidrey. I love your dilly bag and cross stitch, Beneath the Sunlight Sky. You do beautiful work.

Sherry said...

WOW! I just love the BBD finish! And the PS is looking wonderful!

Andrea said...

Wonderful gifts, exchanges and finished stitching, what a joy to see.

Karen said...

Winter Winds is my favorite! Good job on that one!

Anonymous said...

Love your cross stitches! Beautiful!

Char said...

I am just drooling over your beautiful hand stitching. And your use of the pastels in your bags!!!!
Good to see you posting again. I owe you a email but am waiting a bit to let you get more organized at home...such a busy busy lady you are.....
hugs Char

Carol R said...

Wonderful finishes!

Unknown said...

So glad you're back with us Margaret. Lovely scissor case and pin cushion. Love the bag, you're getting very prolific in the bag making department.

Pat said...

I love your dilly bags and would love to make one! Could you tell me the pattern you used and if it's still available? Thank you so much!


Jeanne said...

It's always a pleasure to see what you are stitching. I love your dilly bag, too. It's good to have you post.

Sue said...

Wow, what a gorgeous array of finishes and gifts ;)

Heidi said...

How wonderful to have not one but two WIPs finished. I will look forward to seeing your PS worked up in a little quilt. I love that design and yours is beautiful. I am inspired to get mine back out and finish it. The BD is such a sweet looking summer design. Do you already know where you will hang it? Your bags are just perfection and this one is no exception. Have you now opened that layer cake? :)

Hugs ~

Carolien said...

Oh my, I did miss a lot the last few weeks. I feel very ashamed! But you helped me a lot: I am certain I will dream of ALL those beautiful needleworks I saw on your blog today :)

Hugs, Carolien

MysteryKnitter said...

What a great collection! Given and received, that is. I can't but admire your skills.