Friday, February 15, 2008

Exchanges and gifts!

No, you're not seeing double! I really did stitch this pinkeep and scissor fob set twice. The first set went to Hazel in UK who was my exchange partner in a Valentine's Day exchange. The second set went to my friend Angela, also in UK, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday Angela!
The pinkeep design is from the series A Year in Stitches by Shepherds Bush. The little fob is A Rosey Year also by Shepherds Bush. The picture will show at its best if you click on it for a better view.

I didn't have enough of the lavender linen to back both fobs so one is backed in cream silk to match the backing fabric I used on both pinkeeps.

Next I want to share some pictures of what I received from Hazel in the Valentine's exchange.
The first picture shows a beautiful heart shaped pinkeep stitched on palest green linen. It has a little ceramic button in the shape of a flower pot and the edge is trimmed with pink ric rak braid.
Once again be sure to click on the picture for a better view.

Here's a picture of the back of the pinkeep. Hazel stitched our names and the date - such a nice touch.

Also in the package was a pretty little coaster stitched in shades of pink, a gorgeous handmade card with a beaded heart, chocolate hearts, white ribbon with red hearts on it and some heart shaped buttons.

Do you see the little heart shaped ornament hanging from one of the flowers in the vase? Hazel made that as well from sequins and beads - so pretty!

Still on the subject of gifts here's a pinkeep I stitched for Heidi's birthday

As the design was French I used a pretty red toile fabric for the backing

Finally, I received a wonderful surprise from Bren who sent me the most gorgeous vintage half apron I have ever seen. Made from pink ginham fabric and fully lined with organza fabric it's all hand embroidered in a technique known as "chicken scratch"

If you want to learn more about the technique go here
Bren told me this apron would not have been worn to do housework. The sheer organza panel would have shown off the dress the hostess would have been wearing underneath.
I'm absolutely thrilled to have this apron. Thank you so much Bren :)


Nancy said...

Oh Margaret what a beautiful post! I don't know where to start!

The gifts you made for Hazel and Angela are gorgeous and so delicate. The design is so pretty, but the beads, heart button and the silk fabric make them so luxurious and special.

The green heart Hazel made for you is just beautiful and so delicate looking. Everything she makes shows that she cares so much. I see you have a little sequin heart made by her. I treasure mine!

The pinkeep you made for Heidi is wonderful. The design and the toile fabric look like they were made for each other. You did an amazing job on everything!

And, I know you are thrilled with the apron. It is just beautiful! Sometimes I wish we women of today had the class of women of yesteryear!


Heidi said...

Well, where do I start? I love my pinkeep and just posted it on my blog too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also think the pinkeeps and fobs for Hazel and Angela are so precious. How pretty and perfect they are for this time of year.

The swap gifts you received from Hazel are so wonderful. I love that heart shaped pinkeep and how neat to use that flowerpot button. The coaster looked like hardanger until I enlarged it and it is beautiful along with the handmade card. Didn't we all have such fun with this swap?

What a great apron. You will end up being able to have an apron display in your home. What a fun gift to receive.

Hugs ~

Nancy said...

the gifts you made are absolutely beautiful. I know they feel like lucky ladies. The gifts you received are really so nice. I love the pretty heart shaped pin cushion/keep. The gift you made Heid is great and the fabric on the back is soooo pretty. the apron is great too. Yummy chocolate too. I'd say you made out ok.

Anonymous said...

The pinkeeps and fobs you made are absolutely gorgeous!

Sue said...

Such pretty gifts you've stitched AND received. Fortunate girl! ;)

Sheila said...

You have been a busy busy bee - the pinkeeps and fobs you stitched are gorgeous, as is everything you have received too. What a great exchange :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Margaret
all is so lovely!!!!
so delicate!!!

Anita said...

Wow, what a wonderful posting of gifts and exchanges. I love the SB pinkeeps that you made, the heart buttons are so neat. The pinkeep for Heidi is just darling.
I love what you received from Hazel as well, what a pretty heart pinkeep.

Pat said...

Hi Margaret,
This post is beautiful! You do such amazing work. I could not pick a favorite! They are all beautiful. I love your new apron also. What special gifts you received too.

Patricia Lessell said...

Hi Margaret - the pinkeep and fob you stitched for Angela and Hazel are just absolutely gorgeous and as I saw them irl when I went to Angela's on Wednesday. You do amazing work. The little green heart that Hazel made for you is also very lovely and I loved the apron too. You are just so talented and I bet whoever makes an exchange for you must be really worried because your finishing is just so perfect. Love Patti xxx

angelasweby said...

Well, you busy bee you have been :>)
My dear Margaret, I must say, I did do a double take when I say my birthday pinkeep on the Valentine exchange...haha! But, I am not surprised you stitched these beauties twice, they are the prettiest little designs imaginable. I love mine so much and, the little fob, is a real favourite - but you know that :>) The colours are exactly me!!

Your work really is beautiful and, I am so lucky to have several of your pieces now. I am going to group them together in a little arrangement :>) When I opened my birthday package, my eyes did pop out on stalks...haha!

I love the gorgeous little pinkeep you stitched for Heidi. I'm sure she will be overjoyed with it. It will be god to see it up close when we visit :>) and the amazing gauzy half apron you received from Bren is just breath taking. I love it and the story about it. What a wonderful gift and so special.
Sending you thanks and lots of warm hugs Angela

angelasweby said...

Despite having written a mini novel in my last post, I still forgot to mention the beautiful gifts you received from Hazel in the Valentine exchange. I love the gorgeous little heart. It's so delicate and the coaster and beaded card are really lovely. As always, hazel has put so much care and thought into her gifts :>)

The little button heart is so so pretty, I love it. It really looks quite primitive. perhaps Hazel will show us how to make these :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

Roberta said...

Margaret, love the apron you received from Bren. I remember doing Chicken Scratch when I was younger.

Your gifts for Hazel and Angela are wonderful also, beautiful stitching.

Your gifts from Hazel were definitely special, the card is so lovely.


Anonymous said...

I just adore the pin keeps and fobs you made Margaret, so pretty. What a wonderful parcel you received, and pretty apron, you spoilt girl.

Christine said...

Oh wow...just look at all the wonderful goodies!!

Your gifts to Angela and Hazel are awesome! As always beautiful stitching and finishing. I adore the back of the fobs about having a "rosey" year! Too cute. Those buttons are the cats pajamas!!

Look at the the lovely things Hazel sent. The little heart is so cute with the little flower pot button and how nice to stitch your names on the back and date. I really like that little extra touch. All Hazel's projects are just darling and beautifully stitched and finished.

Ohhhhh and another one of your fantastic pinkeeps. It's lovely. Lucky Heidi. I'm sure she will treasure it always.

Now just look at the apron Bren sent. Woweeeeee!! You will be the hostess with the mostess now!!

diane said...

There is so much to comment upon in this post, Margaret!! Everything is extraordinary! The gifts you stitched are simply exquisite. The gifts you rec'd are just beautiful. I adore the apron you rec'd from Bren, you must be over the moon, it is so unique. This Valentine's day is going to be unforgettable!


You have a beautiful site and you are so good at blogging. Thank you for the kind words you gave me on my blog.

Ruth said...

Wow!!!! Such wonderul, beautiful stitching and finishing! I love the apron. Congrats on your wonderful work.

Char said...

Margaret. what great work you do and all your friends also....I love clicking to make the picture bigger to see it up close....soo many pretty pretty things...and especially that great apron!!!

Misty said...


You received and made such lovely gifts!

It's nice to see all of the neat projects you have been working on. My favorite is the red pinkeep with the toile backing, so cute!

You are definitely my apron inspiration! I may have to wait until after I graduate in May, but I am determined to get to work on one this year.

Sachiko said...

Hi Margret,

What a beautiful gifts!!
Shepherds Bush design pinkeep and fob are very beautiful.Fob's cording is perfect!!Very beautiful work!
And very gougeous exchange from Hazel!
Bren's apron is lovely!Color ,too!
Thank you tutorial page.I think that it is very delicate work!


Anonymous said...

The gifts you made are totally lovely. I like shepherd bush too.

And the gifts you received are beautiful as well.

Chiloe said...

Waow! You really stitched nice gifts! Those are beautiful !

Sally said...

oh wow, Margaret, those pinkeeps and fobs are so pretty and the heart Hazel made for you is beautiful. Also love the pinkeep you made for Heidi:)

Kim said...

This is the prettiest posting of such beautiful pretty things.

Well done Margaret. I can only agree with what Nancy has already said here. So very sweet and dear.

Jeanne said...

Margaret, you do such incredible work with your hands. I always look forward to your latest project. The apron is precious, too. How nice of Bren to send it to you.

~Bren~ said...

Gorgeous stitcheries!! You always photograph everything so beautifully.
I am so glad you like the apron. I am gettting caught up on my blogging! It will take a while I am afraid ;)

Yuko said...

Oh Margaret, what beatiful pieces you've made for your friends!
I really love these Shepherd's Bushs' pieces very much!
They are so stunning!!!
I love the lavendar fab!
Hazel's hearts are also lovely!
Your works always make me so happy to see!!!
Thanks for sharing those lovely pics!

Christine said...

So many lovely pictures. I especially love the pinkeep you made for Heidi. She's so lucky. The red toile is absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen an apron like that before. It's very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet P said...

Those pinkeeps are stunning.

The apron is gorgeous too. My grandma used to chicken scratch. I was lucky to find some of her patterns a couple summers ago. I should dig out the pattern and make something with them.

stitcherw said...

The pinkeep and fob sets are beautiful, what thoughtful gifts to make. SB has such beautiful designs, and I love their colors. The other gifts, given and received, where lovely too. Your mailman has been very busy. :)

Anonymous said...

I love all of your darling pin keeps. Can you share how you finish them.

paru's_circle said...

Hi dear
jsut foundyour blog its wonderful! thanks for the link to the chicken scratch, i bought some gingham a few years back to try this out, and forgot what i bought it for!! thanks for reminding me! i have been stitching for more than 40 years, however, if you see recent things on my blog, they are not stitching (you have to look further back. at the moment i am stitching on the Hungarian Sampler SAL.. regards ..P

Kristen said...

Wow, those are all beautiful pieces that you have stiched! I found you through my Grandmother's blog Knitting Paths of Life. I am so glad! While I enjoy stiching, scrapbooking, woodcrafting, card making, and crocheting come far more easiy to me! I am encouraged by the beautiful work that you have done here! :)

Carolien said...

Hello Margaret,

I have seen that pinkeep with my own eyes and it is SO lovely! Heidi showed it to me when I visited her. She's a lucky girl!

Greetings, Carolien

Khris said...

Margaret your work is just gorgeous. What a lucky swap partner. Hugs Khris

Anonymous said...


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Kisses and good luck,


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