Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mail Sent - Mail Received

I think all of us that do crafts enjoy exchanges. There's nothing quite like receiving a package that you know came from a stitchy friend whether it's cross stitch, quilting or whatever.
Today I'm showing you pictures of a mail art envelope I did as an exchange with my friend Angela in UK.
Sadly, it looks as though the envelope has been lost in the mail as Angela never received it but she has asked to see it so here it is.
The pictures show the envelope front, the envelope back and for inside I stitched a pinkeep with a mermaid on the front and Angela's initial on the back.
The stitching is done on 32 ct antique white linen using two strands of Vikki Clayton's hand dyed silk in Garnet.
I'm really sad that this exchange went so sadly wrong but that's the risk we take when we send things like this through the mail.
On a happier not I want to show you a fabric postcard that I received from my friend Christine in Canada.
Christine knows how much I love mermaids and wow, isn't this a beauty?
Click on the picture for a better view of the gorgeous sparkly threads and crystals that are on her belly, forehead and on the crest of the waves.
Christine is so talented. I'd love it if some of you went over there to check out her work and please, please leave her a comment as it sometimes seems there is only me visiting there.


Anita said...

They are so pretty. So Sorry to hear about the items lost in the mail. I am always panaroid about stitching items to be lost in the mail all the time.

Sweet P said...

Those projects are gorgeous. It's too bad they are lost. I like your photo of your favorite spot.

~Bren~ said...

Well that stinks about the mail...lost may be a weak word. I believe your beautiful work is not lost but being used...sad but true. Next time I would put it in an ugly envelope. ;)
Your mermaid is wonderful. I am always looking for high quality mermaid fabric for you..haven't found any yet, but I will someday!

Nancy said...

I agree Margaret - Christine does gorgeous work! The mermaid post card is enchanting!

The mail art you did for Angela is exquisite, and it is so sad that it has been lost. The design you used is beautiful, and the quality of your work is so professional. I love how you trimmed the envelope with the buttons and ribbons.

Your work is always top notch Margaret!

Anonymous said...

ooo lovely lovely mail art Margaret!!!
Your mermaid post card is very beautifull!!!

Heidi said...

Your mailart for Angela was so amazing! I am going to say a prayer that it still does arrive!!! That is far too pretty to be lost. You did a great job and that pinkeep is adorable.

Christine's fabric postcard is just wonderful and I will be going to check out her blog. She did a great job and I loved the added jewels! I know you will use this pretty mermaid to set out for decoration.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo, this is me crying quietly to myself. Margaret, your mailart is just incredible. It is so so beautiful and has hours of work in it. I am so sorry it has gone astray. I had not realised you hadn't put a return address on the back. I hoped there was a chance it might have been returned to sender. The design is just breathtaking and the pinkeep is fabulous. I love that design and the way you finished it...oooh, and my initial is heavenly. I am stil keeping my fingers crossed it will arrive.
Your postcard from Christine is really lovely and so very clever.
Warm hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Oh, How wonderful !... And so sad it has been "lost" in the mail !
Your mermaid postcard is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I'm going right away to visit Christine's Blog !

Thanks for showing, Margaret.
Hugs & smiles to you,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mermaid on the fabric postcard and so colorful! You did the most awesome stitching on the mailart exchange, I know both sides are so sad that it is lost! I am too! It is just beautiful, Margaret

Christine said...

My heart breaks for you and Angela. This is one of the best mail arts I have ever seen. The pin keep is stunning too! Fantastic stitching M.M. and a feast for the eyes. Lets all send it strong vibes to make it to Angela or back to Margaret.

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Oh, Margaret, I am so sorry to hear Angela's Mailart went missing... It is truly a gorgeous work of Art... so very, very beautiful!!! What design did you use? And that mermaid pinkeep is simply gorgeous!!! I love her... I'll be sending strong vibes that your beautiful mailart finds it's way home to Angela very soon...

And I love Christine's Mermaid postcard... It is so beautiful! I moseyed on over to her blog this morning and had such a joyful visit... She's one talented lady and she loves coffee as much as I do! ;-)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful projects!! It's such a shame that yours was lost in the mail--hopefully it will make it to Angela eventually, fingers crossed!

Jeanne said...

Oh, Margaret, it is such a shame your beautiful handwork didn't arrive at Angela's house. I remember when you posted about sending it. I will hope there is still a chance of it showing up soon. The mermaid from Christine is lovely and you must be very happy with that.

Sachiko said...

Those projects are gorgeous.There are so beutiful!!
Mermaid postcard is beautiful,too!

Clare said...

Margaret how very disappointing for you to have lost such beautiful stitching in the post. It may turn up - we can keep our fingers crossed! The mermaid is a work of art!

Rachel V said...

Margaret this stitching is absolutely incredible and I know so many hours of loving work went into it! I am praying it will still turn up for Angela! Such gorgeous stitching.

patchwitch said...

wow, that is amazing!

I love the whole thing... Sorry to hear the mail thing (I had this problem some times before, it is awful)

Cristine's works are beautiful too... thanks for the link!

Yuko said...

What beautiful items you have made!! It's amazingly beautiful.
But I'm so sorry to hear that the mail has lost... I'm really sad to hear that, too...

And a received one is gorgeous!
I thought it's a postcard, but is it handmade gift?? amazing!

Patricia Lessell said...


All of the things you stitched for Angela where just breathtaking. I still can't get over how somebody could keep these beautiful things addressed to someone else. Angela and I went to Alexandra Palace this week and she was bemoaning. Really gorgeous and so much work in them. Also the postcard you received from Christine was exquisite. So sorry for both you and Angela that it is lost. Patti xxx

Anonymous said...


MysteryKnitter said...

It is lovely. I am so sad it went missing.