Monday, June 18, 2007

Ooh la la!

When it comes to style don't you just love everything French?
There is a wonderful cross stitching magazine called De fil en aiguille that I asked my lovely French friend Francoise to help me find.
I received the magazine (thank you Francoise:) and, for anyone wondering what it's like, it really is a quality publication.
There are so many things I'd like to stitch from the magazine unlike the English magazines that I used to buy that were full of advertisements and very little else.
Along with magazine came the sweetest little pillow I have ever seen.
Beautifully stitched and finished by Francoise the design is from the Carriage House Samplings alphabet series. I love anything to do with the ocean but mermaids are absolutely my favourites!
This dinky little pillow is backed with cream crushed velvet, has a tiny lemon yellow ribbon bow and matching lemon yellow pins. What a beautiful keepsake - I'll treasure it always.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!! Francoise does such lovely work. I bet the magazine is drool-worthy, too! :)

Nancy said...

Francoise is a dear one! The mermaid pillow is beautiful, and enjoy your magazine Margaret!


Anonymous said...

Happy if you like....
Warms hugs

Wendy said...

The sweet little mermaid pincushion is such a lovely gift. Enjoy your new magazine.

Christine said...

Oh Wow! Beautiful job Francoise. A few years back I gave Margaret a nick name, Margaret Mermaid for her love of mermaids. I just call her "M.M." for short. This little pillow is perfect with the Mm. What a little treasure. Lovely mag too.

Anonymous said...

Gosh what a wonderful surprise gift. Francoise stitches beautifully and she couldn't have chosen a better design :>)The yellow velvet backing sounds beautiful. What a kind and thoughtful gift.
This is such a lovely magazine - I'm sure you will want to stitch everything in it.
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

The mermaid pillow is precious and SO thoughtful of Francoise, what a keepsake! The magazine looks lovely and I would love that hanging thing on the cover with the pockets! How neat and useful is that? Stitched, quilted...can't wait to see what project you choose!