Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New quilting treasures.

I have a nice new stash of quilting treasures to play with now that I'm home :)
I buy a lot of my books from the second hand booksellers on Amazon.co.uk and the Civil War Diary Quilt book by Rosemary Youngs is one of them.
The book contains 121 full size quilt blocks as well as authentic diary entries of 10 women living during the Civil War. Fascinating reading but I'm oh so glad I didn't have to live through it.
While I was in England I managed a very short 20 minute visit to Heath's Country Store in Nottinghamshire (they were about to close)and just had time to grab three FQ's of quilting fabric that I'll use for pinkeeps.
The shop owner, Dee, has her own line of stitchery patterns and the harvest pillow pattern is one of them.
Lastly, the three quilting patterns came from my lovely friend Christine in Canada.
Thank you so much Christine - I absolutely love them :)


Nancy said...

Lovely new quilt stash! It looks like you are in for lots of fun. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection of quilting stash. Your book on the Civil War looks absolutely fascinating. I love reading about needlecrafts in their social context.
Hugs, Angela

Heidi said...

What wonderful stash! I cannot imagine only having 20 mintues to rush through that great shop as I am sure it is the one you shared the link of. But glad you did find a few items.

I have often had the Civil War Diary Quilt book in my shopping basket but still have never bought it. I kept thinking I had my own design Underground Railroad Quilt and did not need it but it really looks nice. Are you going to start making this quilt?

Christine said...

Your most welcome. Thanks for sharing the Civil War book. I love it and will be adding it to my cart next time I'm at Amazon. There is a new one too. Something about Civil War Love Letters. Love the FQ's, pretty!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad you got that FQ. I am sure you'll tame it in no time.