Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy, Happy Mail Day!

It's a happy day today because the mailman has been! What's the big deal about that you might be wondering. Well, if there's a downside to living in Spain it has to be the mail delivery which is hit and miss at the best of times but during the months of July and August it is definitely a case of more miss than hit.
I can go for a week without getting so much as a bill and when you're waiting for something to arrive that you might be looking forward to it's a frustrating experience.
I had ordered some quilting fabrics from Hancock's of Paducah on 9th July and the package arrived this morning. That's just over three weeks airmail!!!!
Sadly three of things I had ordered were out of stock but here's what I did get.
Red and white print to finish off some of the Redwork stitcheries I plan on doing and a cute rooster print fabric to make a quilted wallhanging for the Redwork rooster (see previous post.)
I also have a yard of Kona cotton Snow for embroidery projects. Up to now I've just been practising on muslin but am ready to work on something nicer. and a half yard of a pale blue floral that I loved because it has a shabby chic look to it.
I also have a copy of the Hancock's catalogue. Wow, this will keep me happily browsing fabrics for hours on end. I'm sure to be ordering again soon thus starting a whole new cycle of waiting for the mailman.
Here's wishing everyone a happy mail day today!


Nancy said...

Margaret your fabrics are gorgeous! No wonder it was such a happy mail day for you. Don't you love the Kona Snow? I think it has such a nice feel to it. The roosters are just beautiful, and I can't wait to see it finished with your proud redwork rooster.


~Bren~ said...

The rooster fabric is wonderful!! All of your purchases put a oooh and an ahhh on my lips!! What a fun mail day!

Unknown said...

Just love your shabby chick style fabric, so soft and pretty, and what a cute rooster print. That should keep you happy and busy for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I love your fabric blu with roses!!!!
ooo nice!!!!
All your purchases!!!!

Sue said...

I guess it was a good mail day!! Love those fabrics ;)

Anonymous said...

Margaret....I love your rooster and red and white fabric. They will compliment your redwork projects and the rooster fabric will look grand complimenting Mr. Rooster. You will love stitching on Kona Snow. Hey, I think we also share the same birthday.

Sue M

Sweet P said...

Lovely fabrics. The rooster fabric is adorable.

CONNIE W said...

Days with packages like this one in the mail are definitely the best! Your choices in fabric are so pretty. Happy stitching.

Mary Kathryn said...

I love my Hancocks catalog too!!


Christine said...

Very nice fabric choices. Love those Happy Happy Mail Days!

Sachiko said...

Your select fabrics are so beutiful!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am so sad the mail does not work in your country. I am glad your fabrics arrived in the end.