Monday, April 9, 2012

A Happy Sewing Weekend

Hi everyone,
Time for another update of what I have been up to lately.
The first thing I have to show you is this knitting bag. This is the Baguette Bag by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches the pattern was published in the Australian magazine Homespun.

Here's the back of the bag. Fabrics are Objects of Desire by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics.

I enjoyed working with these bright colours. Here's how the bag looks inside

Next up is a little fabric basket that I'd seen on this blog and of course I had to make one.

Since I had to cut into two fat quarters of fabric I had to find as many ways as possible to use every last scrap and I managed to get a zippered pouch, a needlebook and a four patch pincushion so I think I did well.

The needlebook is a favourite pattern from the book Remembering Adelia by Kathleen Tracy
and the two fabrics I used were by Tanya Whelan.

Yesterday I spent some happy sewing time making blocks for a little quilt from this book which is another book by Kathleen Tracy

the little blocks are just 4 inches square and are a lot of fun to do

The pattern I'm doing is Little Red Schoolhouse and with the the exception of the red homespun the fabrics are by Thimbleberries.

The other thing I've enjoyed doing this Easter weekend is to bake (and eat) some hot cross buns. Well, they don't actually have a cross on them but otherwise they are the same recipe.

I made the dough in my breadmaker until it was time to add the fruit and then they were baked in the oven.
While the dough was being kneaded in the breadmaker I was in another room when I heard an almighty crash. It nearly stopped my heart and when I went to investigate there was the breadmaker lying in bits on the kitchen floor LOL.
It must have been kneading so hard it jumped right off the counter top with a force that pulled the plug right out of the electric socket.
I didn't know if anything was broken but I managed to fit the lid of the breadmaker back on. The dough was safe enough in the metal pan. It was actually halfway across the kitchen floor but happily the dough did not touch the floor.
I plugged the machine back in with bated breath and it started up again! Phew! Note to self to push it well back on the counter top next time.
Finally, a new book on my bookshelf is the latest from Lynette Anderson and shown with it are the beautiful fabric Secret Garden fabrics that I won on Sigrid's blog

Thank you so much Sigrid. I can't wait to make something out of the book using the gorgeous fabrics you sent me.

Well, I think that's all I have to show you this time. I'm sorry there is no cross stitch - hopefully next time!
Thanks as always for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your hot cross buns look delicious, luckily you didn't break your breadmaker!!!
Your knitting bag is lovely, I'm very interested in finding out what you're knitting though. :)
Well done too on getting so much out of two fat quarters!!!
Vivienne x

Michelle said...

Oh Margaret beautiful photos thank you for sharing them - you have been busy xx

Grit said...

Eine wunderschöne Tasche. Die anderen Sachen gefallen mir auch sehr, sehr gut.
Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

angelasweby said...

What lovely stitched goodies. I love that knitting bag. The inside is as nice as the outside. The needlecase and zippered pouch are so pretty too, what fabulous fabric and the little fabric basket is just gorgeous. No wonder you wanted to make one the minute you saw it.
Lucky escape with the breadmaker! I can smell those hot cross buns from here and well done on winning all those gorgeous fabrics. Both your books look wonderful.
Angela xx

Margaret said...

I always enjoy seeing what you are making, cross stitch or no. Beautiful work as always! And the bread machine -- whoa! I'm glad it was ok! And you and your kitchen too. lol! The buns look delicious!

Caz said...

Beautiful photos as ever,,, and the knitting bag,, wow,, I want one!!!Brilliant fabrics with the new book, too!!

Sheila said...

Love that knitting bright and spring-like :)
Your teeny houses look many are you going to do?
And those hot x buns look delicious!
I will confess here that I ate the scone you gave me to give to P !!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Thank heaven the bread maker and dough survived! Lots of pretty projects but that pom pom basket and other matching goodies are adorable. Yeah, you're going to become a quilter yet!

Dovilė said...

very nice colorful sets! amazing quilt project:)

hazel c UK said...

Oh Margaret another feast of lovely things to view. The knitting bag is so pretty along with the little basket and accessories, you are so talented. I bet Bob enjoyed the buns they look delicious and your little quilt is going to be lovely.
Thank you for sharing.
Love Hazel c (uk)

Anonymous said...

Lovely things!!!!
Fabulous fabrics!!!

Daffycat said...

My eyes were wide open and my mouth in a little "O" as I read about your bread machine! Whoa!

Your sewing is fabulous and the photos just lovely.

Christine said...

Oh, wow, it's all so beautiful (and finished so perfectly.) Love the baguette bag .. have admired the pattern in Homespun but never got further than that. You did well with those 2 fat quarters .. all adorable.

Barb said...

Hi Margaret, I am brand new to your blog and it is just amazing. I'm going to have to look around at your older posts - Lyon are incredibly talented.

I was wondering if you could tell me about the needlework in your beautiful header - I just love them.

thanks so much.

Lesley said...

Margaret, your projects are just so beautiful! You are a very talented lady and I love it all! Aren't you the lucky one for winning those beautiful fabrics? Can't wait to see what you make with them!

Cath said...

What a busy little bee you have been! And some lovely projects to show for it. I love the sewing set and I recently received 2 fat quarters. I think you have inspired me to do likewise! Glad your breadmachine survived.
@ Bits 'n Bobs

Mouse said...

ohhh wow love that bag ... and gorgeous win too ... and PHEW glad the bread maker is ok .... love mouse xxxx

Rosa said...

I love your bag,spectacular and the sewing goodies are very lovely.Happy sewing!

Melody said...

What a beautiful bag! Your sewing skills are impressive!

Ellen said...

Wonderful sewing! The baguette bag is so bright and cheerful! Love that sewing set, they are gorgeous!

The buns look yummy! Glad that your bread maker is ok!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! Love your sewing accessories - the pompom trim on the gathered basket looks fabulous.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

You have been so busy and accomplished so much. I love all of your projects, especially the bag. Congratulations on completing such lovely projects!

marly said...

Wonderful! I wish I had your sewing talents. The fabrics are all so beautiful. I will have to look online for a recipe for the buns. I love my breadmaker! Yours must have been dancing up a storm and well built enough to survive the crash!!

laurawilson25 said...

I love that knitting bag. So cute!

Shirley said...

You have had a busy and eventful weekend Margaret. My friend Wendy made the baguette bag so I know how much work went into making it. Love your other projects too.

Elisa said...

Wow I love that bag it's perfect for crafty bits! Thanks for the link to the gathered basket tutorial....going to make one of those I think...well it'll go on the ever growing to do list!

Carol said...

Ha ha! Had to laugh at the breadmaker story, Margaret, because the exact same thing happened to us!! We only use ours on Christmas morning to make the dough for our "ooey-gooey cinnamon buns," but three years ago, it "walked" itself right off the counter and onto the floor! From then on, we've actually just placed the unit on the floor :)

Your sewing is so, so pretty as usual--you always pick the cheeriest fabrics! I sure wish I lived nearby and you could give me sewing lessons--all I can do is a basic straight stitch (and even that isn't the greatest!!)...

Enjoy your week!

Tatkis said...

Adorable bag!
And such a sweet set in blue colours!


Bertie said...

Love the bag, beautiful colours, so uplifting!
Your little basket is adorable, the book is great don't you think although I have not yet made anything from it.
Good to hear you survived the breadmaker, I stay away from those machine's!

Katherine said...

You just make the best stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Lili said...

oh!wonderful pieces!
I am in love for the bag!! ;)


Julie said...

It's is always so very inspiring seeing your blog updates with such beautiful stitching projects you've completed. Thanks for sharing!

Jenn M said...

What pretty projects, and lovely books too!
My hot cross buns did not turn out this year - I added the yeast to the bread maker too late because I forgot. They smelled good though:)

Jenn M said...

What pretty projects, and lovely books too!
My hot cross buns did not turn out this year - I added the yeast to the bread maker too late because I forgot. They smelled good though:)

Karoline said...

Your knitting bag is gorgeous and everything else is lovely.

Glad you where able to rescue your hot cross buns!

Sally said...

Everything is beautiful Margaret. Love the knitting bag. it is so pretty.


Hello Margaret, Your creation are always soooooooo beautifully stitched. The hot cross buns look very delicious. Never ate one. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos. Hugs Judy

Chookyblue...... said...

I always love visiting to see what beautiful things you have been sewing..........

sigisart said...

Dear Margaret,
I am happy to see my giveaway on your blog and happy you like what I send to you.
Your knitting bag ist just wunderful, I love it.
I wish you a busy stitching time.

Brigitte said...

Oh Margaret, this knitting bag is just breathtaking. So many lovey and creative details. And the fabrics are so bright and colourful that it's just fun to look at them.
A grogeous set you made out of the fat quarter. And enjoy your new books.