Friday, May 28, 2010

May post - late!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to do this post on 1st of May but better late than never as the saying goes.
Anyway,I seem to have a lot of finishes to share this time so on with the picture show.
Last time I showed you two different versions of a red sewing bag and now here are the front and side view of the blue multi coloured version I made from the same pattern.

The next bag is from a great tutorial I found on a French blog. Now I think I probably know about five or six words of the French language but with the aid of my trusty friend Google translator and a very excellent picture tutorial I got by.

The fabric I used is my old favourite Moda French General. I cut one of the large motifs from one of the fabrics and hand appliqued it to the front pocket

Here's a view of the side

This was a fun bag to make and a lot of the ladies at my quilt group want to have a go. Yes, you do have to put in a zipper but it was easy! If you'd like to make this bag you can find the tutorial here on this blog and the actual tutorial itself here
There are a lot of different tutorials for all kinds of things and lots of lovely pictures of all the things people have made so well worth a look round.

Now on to the reason I had wanted to publish this post on 1st May. I think the French custom of offering Lily of the Valley for luck quite charming. I had to look it up as I had no idea as to the reason and here's what I found
On May 1, 1561 King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm. He decided to offer a lily of the valley each year to the Ladies of the Court. At the beginning of the 20th Century it became the custom on the 1st of May to give someone a sprig of lily of the valley, a symbol of Springtime...

Well, as I didn't know anyone who was going to give me Lily of the Valley I decided to stitch my own. This is Jour de Bonheur by L'R de rien finished as a pinkeep

and backed with some pretty Tilda fabric

I enjoyed stitching that pinkeep so much I decided to do another one from the same designer.

this one is backed with some Rural Jardin fabric

I think they make a pretty twosome! I'm afraid their bows got a bit squashed in the photo shoot but they are OK now!

Next is a pillow I made using a free chart that I found here

Now as you can see part of the wording is missing on mine - don't ask! Just let's say I was a bit mean with the linen and paid the price. This pillow is what I managed to salvage from the wreck!

One of the books I received for Christmas was Sew Pretty Homestyle and I finally got round to making up one of the projects. Here's my first (but not my last) Tilda bear using reclaimed fabric from some old shirt that my friend found in a charity shop. They were going to send the shirt for reclycling but I think this bear is a much nicer way of doing things don't you?

which just goes to show it really is possible to make something out of nothing.

Finally just a couple of pictures for my friend Pat who told me the other day she was going to stitch in front of one of my palm tree pictures LOL.
Pat, these pictures taken today are for you!

As always a big thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments and friendship are much appreciated.



Apple Avenue Quilts said...

As always, your projects are so beautiful. I always look forward to seeing them. Love the bags! The palm tree are so beautiful, wish I was there!

staci said...

I am always so amazed and inspired by your beautiful creations Margaret! I wish I were half as talented and productive as you!!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello My Good Friend Margaret.

So nice to see a lovely post from you again and of course all your very lovely, lovely creations. I think you must be the master of creating "Bags"!! VBG I have never know anyone who makes sooooooooooooo many bags. What do you do with them all??? VBG

The Pin Keepers are truly beautiful too.

I also have the Sew Pretty book and I am thinking that bear may be a great pressie for my grand daughter Chloe who will soon be 4 yrs. old.Yours is lovely.

May I ask you where you buy the Tilda Fabrics. I have looked and looked and found NO place here in the states. I would love to buy some.

I also adore you Palm beach Photos. They make me smile every time I see them.

I am going to totally re do my sewing room this summer during my blogging break this summer. I have posted my last post until Sept. Have a great summer. See you in September. Hugs Judy

Cari-in-VA said...

Oh Margaret, I just love your Tilda bear she is so pretty! There's just something so wonderful about homemade bears and yours is delightful!

Your pinkeep finishes are so sweet and the pillow is great - even though you had a bit of a fight with it.

Love your bags, too. The minute you open a shop, I will be your first customer. Your work is always so beautiful

angelasweby said...

I don't know why you are thanking us for visiting your blog - as if you could keep me away certainly :>)
I wasn't expecting an update so soon..haha, so this has come as such a lovely surprise and has lifted my spirits no end.

I love the bag in blue. it makes it look so different and the bag you made from the tutorial is out of this world. Is that tiny blanket stitch I can see all the way round appliqued centre - amazing!!
I love the two French designer pinkeeps. They really are stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the French tradition. i had wondered about it myself and think it's a lovely habit. Thank goodness you saved the other little design - a very skilful rescue and talking of skilful - wow what a lovely long legged bear. How nice to think that shirt has been reinvented. I always think if you make just one thing out of a book it's been worth while but, I'm sure this is just the beginning.

I love all your fabrics Margaret and thanks for the pretty photos at the end just to make us a teeny bit jealous of you living in Paradise :>)
Angela xx

Margaret said...

You always make the most amazing things! Those bags are perfection itself! And I love your pinkeeps and pillow too! Nice palms as well! lol!

Deb said...

What a wonderful post with so many great things. I love your bags so much I had to run over and grab the directions! And I love, love your Tilda bear too. I love Tilda things so much. And your pinkeeps and pillow are wonderful too! So much eye candy!!!

Raven/Missy said...

WOW lots of pretty things! The bags are wonderful, I especially like the second one. The two pinkeeps are beautiful and the pillow looks fantastic. I love the teddy bear also, what a great way to re-use an old shirt! Thank you for sharing.

Catherine de l'Atelier des dix doigts said...

I understand why you haven't posted sooner !!
But as the former post, everything is beautiful.
the second bag with the zipper is lovely, and in Franch, so you are improving in this language !!!
Have a nice week-end

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Wow Margaret, you are just so clever and such a fantastic stitcher and sewer.

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...


your sewing-bags are very nice and your pinkeeps very lovely.


Nancy said...

Oh Margaret, you have given us another feast for the eyes! I still think you should have a bag boutique. They are gorgeous, and I love the side detail of the red one. Both your pinkeeps and pillow are lovely, and thanks for the link to the free pattern. It has joined my ever growing stack of freebies!

You are so very talented and a great inspiration!

I'm so envious of your scenery!

Michelle said...

Such pretty finishes. Your bags are just lovely and I adore the pin-keeps. Hope you are keeping well. Michelle x

Dorothy said...

Margaret, as always, your projects are all wonderful, but I love the blue sewing bag the best. It is fabulous! The bear is really cute, and a wonderful way to use up the fabric in an old shirt.

Chookyblue...... said...

always love to see what your up to everything........

Theresa said...

Everything is gorgeous Margaret - what a very productive month you've had. The Rouenneries bag is rather irresistable, I might be tempted to have a go at that...even though there's a zip! I have a couple of Tilda books but haven't made anything yet - your bear is perfect in that shirt fabric - it was made to make him!

Teri said...

Wow! I love your lily of the valley finishes. They are all lovely, and the colors are so very pretty!

Lapplisor said...

Hi Margaret
Today I visited with some time your blog.
It has made me joy to look at your beautiful work ...
I am glad to come back to visit.
Take care

Sheila said...

And I am the lucky person who gets too see all Margaret´s work in real life! And it is always BEAUTIFUL!!!
I usually leave a big puddle of drool when I visit - very unsightly :)
The teddy is fabulous, and all the stripes match perfectly! Very very cute.

Claudia said...

Hello Margaret,
what a wonderful post ! These bags and pinkeeps are gorgeous. At the moment I'm sewing a quilt with Moda French General fabrics. Maybe I can use the leftovers for a bag. Thank you for all the useful links and for sharing your handmade creations and the pictures of wonderful Spain with us!

Lynn B said...

Wow, Margaret lovely finishes as always! Funnily enough I have the free tutorial of the bag in my list of to do items, I have purchased the zip to make it and I am upto choosing which fabric I am going to do. Yours turned out lovely.
I looooove the blue bag, it is yummy!

Françoise said...

Lovely !!!

jane said...

Great to see a blog from you Margaret, your finishes are awesome as usual. I especially love the bear - what a fantastic way to recycle!
Thanks for the picture of the palm trees, they make me think of Moraira and wish I was there instead of rainy Manchester. Oh well will just look forward to Andalucia in October.

Karen said...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Everything is such an inspiration!

Julia said...

I love them all Margaret - the bags (especially the french one), the beautiful cross-stich and your Tilda bear - I also love the look of that Spanish sunshine!:0)

Sandra said...

Margaret, I'm late as always seeing your new post. I love all that you have done, but that French General fabric bag is THE BEST I love it. I can't help wondering where you put all your bags, you must have dozens by now.

Liz Schaffner said...

As always your work is beautiful!!! I just love looking at the things you inspire me!
I Love the pretty!!!
The fabric for the Tilda bear is perfect!! What a great idea! I Love it !! Can't wait to see what you make next!

Carolien said...

Hello Margaret,

Your finishes are lovely, as ever! Thanks for the link to the tutorial!!!

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Labores de Mercedes said...

Oh God, everything looks awesome; the bags are lovely, I have no words for the pinkeeps and cushion and the bear is such a cutie. Congratulations.

Dovilė said...

As always, your things, are so beautiful.

Michelle said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing,as usual! Your bag finishes are so stunning and all your fabric choices are perfect!

Katherine said...

Any chance you can share the source for the red and multi-colored bag pattern? I love that shape! Great post!

hazel said...

Oh Margaret such a lovely welcome home to view your blog after being away from home for a few days. I love your bags especially the Sewing one. Your pin keeps are so delicate looking and the teddy is adorable.
Another story about the Lily of the Valley, I use to work for Coty when I was young and on the lst of May we would have a spray of lily of the valley on our desks when we arrived for work, for as you know Coty made the perfume Muguet which is Lily of the Valley. Such happy memories you have brought back to me through your blog. Thank you somuch for sharing such lovely photos of where you live.
Love Hazel (UK)

Ruthie's Place said...

You rock! Where have you been hiding? Love all your updates, in other words love all your bags. I'm going to call you the bag queen or queen of bags whichever you prefer.
Warm hugs,

Pat said...

Thank you so much for the new pictures. I just love them. They are so relaxing to stitch in front of. I enjoyed your story of the Lily of the Valley. It is my birth month flower and has always been a favorite of mine. Your bags and pinkeeps are beautiful as usual. Thanks so much for sharing. I am off to visit that French blo.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Margaret!

I'm new to your blog, have just found it in the blog-roll of lovely Judith from the Creative Studio.

Wow, Wow and WOW! I've enjoyed a cup of coffee while reading through your posts and admiring all of your beautiful creations!!

I'm also an expat, but living in Australia. What is the 'sewing scene' like in Spain?

With lots of love and blessings
Vikki x :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags as always, and thanks for the link to a great tutorial - instructions in French make things easier for me ! Now, where do I find the time to make this bag...
The two pinkeeps are very sweet and beautifully finished.
Your pictures give me a preview of my trip to Andalusia - another 6 weeks to go !

Karoline said...

They're all gorgeous, congratulations

Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

Hello, I love your work. Every project you complete is so well done and just beautiful. You also seem to finish things and I seem to have trouble with that!!! Maybe all these cute items will make me finish something soon. Thanks for your inspirations. Sandra in Georgia

Sally said...

It is always such a pleasure to come see your posts Margaret. I absolutely love your bags and your cross stitched pieces are just so pretty. Love your bear :)

Andrea said...

Great to see a post from you. Gorgeous stitching and finishing. Love everything you have on show.

Carol R said...

As always it's a treat to see your beautiful stitching and finishing. My favourite this time has to be that beautiful Tilda bear - he's gorgeous!

Jenn's Crafty World said...

Lovely projects Margaret! I have been wanting to stitch a lily of the valley design ever since we left France one year on May 1. I couldn't believe all the road/streetside vendors selling the lovely bouquets, and each passenger was given a sprig when we changed planes in Paris. It's such a lovely tradition!

symiote said...

Very beautiful bags!!

ans also the two pinkeeps!! I like "l'R de rien" too

Katherine said...

Margaret - Thanks so much for the 411 on where to find the patterns. You're terrific!

Jeanne said...

Everything is a treasure Margaret - I'm a bag-lover too. Your pinkeeps are just too cute - I've never seen many Lily of the Valley patterns for some reason but I have always loved them. Congrats on all your finishes!

Carolyn said...

Margaret, I just came across your blog and have spent the last hour drooling over each and every post! I love it ALL! I'm another one that loves making bags, but yours are just adorable. I wish we had access to the Australian embroidery patterns here in the states. If we do, I never can find them. I see them on blogs and long to do them. I am just blown away with your talent and will definitely be coming back to see what you have up your sleeve. :)

Alison said...

I just found your blog. Thank you so much. Your work is impressive. I am going to try making of the bags from the French designer you gave the link for. One request - would you be so kind as to tell me where I can purchase the designs by L'R de rien? I found a blog with photos of the designs but can't seem to find a link for a retailer.
Thank you!

All Things Beautiful said...

I just ADORE your Tilda bear. I would love to make one too. How can I get a copy of the pattern? I'm afraid I have not come across the book you mentioned as I live in a small town in Malaysia.